october 12 - productive day


Gilla Saint Tropez Jönköping för att delta i utlottningen av ett 300kr-presentkort i butiken! Dragningen sker den 26/10 och gäller endast tävlande i Sverige. Lycka till :)

i started the day with a cup of coffee and some work before powerwalking my way down 50 blocks to meet anna. i had taken on the task of a coffee-and-snack-messenger, which became a little tricky when already holding the blackberry, ipod and a bag.. believe it or not, i made it.

we chatted our way through a breakfeast and then got to work.
i finished a pitch, finalized tweets, went through some notes, did most of my greek and formatted the twitter-background for my boss. kayla also joined us for a couple of hours before heading home and a two or three hours later, i was also on my way home to meet molly :) only els missing and then 1E will be complete again. it was a very productive day and i am happy with the outcome.

and btw, interesting discovery: someone in the 2E apartment (the noisy neighbors) is scandinavian. I couldn't really tell if the movie they just finished watching was danish or norwegian, but it's on. stay tuned for more updates on the scandinavian war on NYC's upper east side!

i think it's undoubtedly time for me to go to bed since i'm waking up in three hours. first, i want to tell you about my killer-weekend that is following tomorrow's killer-wednesday:
taco-friday with molly and jess. and kayla's bday-saturday! wootwoot.
ok, goodnight.

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