october 11 - say yes to the stress


after waking up this morning at 7:15 unable to go back to sleep, i somehow later on managed to oversleep and wondered how effed up this day was going to be. then, when i had done some studying and skyped with linda i was all good and this afternoon made everything perfect!

my life is definitely heading in the right direction. opportunities are popping up everywhere and i'm never late to accept them. i just took on another PR-social media assistant job for my boss, Anna Akbari and St Lucia Heaven - wish me luck? i'm so excited and i just can't hide it, people were laughing at my "beautiful" smile walking the streets of midtown west.

after the great meeting and calling my mom to let her know the great news, i met jess and we cooked. damn: no instructions, no confusion and no discussion! we just started and after 20 minutes, our plates were served with chicken, stir fry vegetables in soy sauce, and rice :) namnamnam. ain't no thing like a good couple in the kitchen. hahaha! after our discussions on marriage etc., we enjoyed the standard monday-episode of gossip girl and then i headed home.

now, i've finished up some tweets, finished a pitch, started a paper and i'm going to finish another reading before i go to bed and hopefully fall asleep :)

i'm gonna tell you something you don't want to hear:
life is amazing, i feel amazing and i think i'm in the perfect state of mind!

Postat av: pappa

Bra jobbat pappas hero, var fokuserad och det kommer att komma ännu mera möjligheter! Good Luck!

2011-10-11 @ 08:37:36
Postat av: banana

Grattis hjartaaat!!!

2011-10-11 @ 18:06:40
Postat av: Jess

Matlagningsskillzzen, MVG!

2011-10-12 @ 01:13:03
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