october 10 - back to reality


i am so ready to go to sleep in this exact moment. but, i thought i'd be a good little blogger and inform you about my last couple of days. washington dc is beautiful and clean, but overprotected and not very laidback. did you for instance know that if you are on the phone outside of the pentagon they intercept your call and that the volume on your car-stereo is automatically lowered? crazy.

anyways, first night we just chilled, second day was dc-sightseeing in 85 degrees :) it was definitely a beautiful day but we were definitely NOT dressed for it. the day continued at pentagon city where we shopped a little and had chinese fast food, we ended the day with a tanning session. day three got off to a slow start, we were thinking about going to an outlet, but changed our minds and went to tyson's center or something. shopped a little bit, had a wrap and then headed back home where the getting-ready and bailey's liqueur was waiting.

the nightlife in washington dc vs. the nightlife in nyc:
the interior design of the places in dc are certainly more thought-out and modern than those in nyc, but the crowd is so much worse. we did have a good time and laughed a lot, but nyc has got the upperhand on dc when it comes to clubbing.

today, we woke up and had coffee, i took a shower and then it was bye-bye time. i had an incredible and needed relaxing weekend with the solic's and olja. thank you guys so much and i can't wait to see you again, especially not little smileybaby :) the bus was packed and there were many delays on the way, but i somehow managed to get back here to my bed.

speaking of beds, i need to sleep.
tomorrow: powerwalk - studying - meeting - food&gg with jess :)

nije ti ovo amerika,
bogata devojko, nevoljo velika

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Och sms att du är hemma?

2011-10-10 @ 07:46:56

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