27 october - music and work


you know what that means? IT'S THE WEEKEND!

today was a hilarious day in school. per usual, i woke up in a splendid mood, had my two cups of coffee, my oatmeal and was actually on time to my "behated" class indigenous australia. following that class was greek class, which keeps getting more perverted as time goes by. not in the actions, but the self-composed stories and dialogues we are assigned on a daily basis get more and more weird and hilarious.

today, for instance, the whole class we discussed how an actor was cheating on his wife with an actress because she was more beautiful. as the story unfolded, we concluded that she had kids, that we all wanted the actress and, in essence, that we're the most hilarious class on campus. even our professor laughs at us and our imagination. she almost spat out her coffee because of us. i like - always gets me in a good mood, although my hardest class.

after class, i met with denndenn, set up an appointment with my advisor and checked in with the internationals office and headed to annas. since then i've been working working working. and now, it's time for some relaxing with a movie before i go to bed. tomorrow is friday, which means cleaning, work, workout and sleep. can't wait!

can anyone relate? hahaha

just stop waiting!

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