october 31 - happy halloween


one of the worst days of my life yesterday. got so exhausted that i fell asleep with my upper body on the bed and the lower body on the floor. i don't wanna write about yesterday since it's all very personal and i choose not to share that with you guys. so, here are some pictures from saturday's "barbie night" for your entertainment.

the effort people put into their halloween costumes!
have a great day and take care of each other.

october 29 - barbie night


so we're reaaadyyy jess and i are going as barbies, which is the most hilarious thing in the world - especially since i'm not barbie in any sense!! see you on the serious side, xo!

hahahaha! goodnight

october 29 - ready, set..


the halloween-weekend has officially begun with naked ladies and hulk-men patrolling the streets of new york. when i woke up this morning, i knew that i wasn't going to go out tonight - way too tired and too much to do. got home around 9:45am and started the mission of "spring cleaning" our whole apartment. after 3.5 hours, a smoking vacuum, falling over cords and feeling my biceps pulsating i was dooone :) the apartment finally feels fresh - still haven't decorated my walls though - fail.

after the cleaning, i worked a little and then i was being lazy just in time for molly to come home and us to walk 70 blocks down to liquiteria and mud where we had smoothies and coffee, respectively.

getting ready for halloween has been interesting. especially with the situation moving from jersey shore to MY FACE.. i'll blog in my costume tomorrow before heading out! until then, i'll leave you with the pleasure of guessing what my costume is ;)


27 october - music and work


you know what that means? IT'S THE WEEKEND!

today was a hilarious day in school. per usual, i woke up in a splendid mood, had my two cups of coffee, my oatmeal and was actually on time to my "behated" class indigenous australia. following that class was greek class, which keeps getting more perverted as time goes by. not in the actions, but the self-composed stories and dialogues we are assigned on a daily basis get more and more weird and hilarious.

today, for instance, the whole class we discussed how an actor was cheating on his wife with an actress because she was more beautiful. as the story unfolded, we concluded that she had kids, that we all wanted the actress and, in essence, that we're the most hilarious class on campus. even our professor laughs at us and our imagination. she almost spat out her coffee because of us. i like - always gets me in a good mood, although my hardest class.

after class, i met with denndenn, set up an appointment with my advisor and checked in with the internationals office and headed to annas. since then i've been working working working. and now, it's time for some relaxing with a movie before i go to bed. tomorrow is friday, which means cleaning, work, workout and sleep. can't wait!

can anyone relate? hahaha

just stop waiting!

october 27 - flush friends and followers


the worst part of the social media sphere is the accumulation of "friends," or fauxs, if i may.

there are many websites and programs used to ease the whole process, but since it is a "sensitive" subject, i had to do half of the work manually and thoughtfully. now, after spending about two hours flushing friends and followers from twitter, it is time for me to sleep. so dead, up in five hours again. more about my week tomorrow afternoon, my eyes can't stay open right now.

two minutes ago:
def time for sleep.


october 26 - social media


i know i suck at blogging, but to my defense, it's kinda hard keeping this up while taking 5 classes, having an internship, working on a marketing program, blogging for StudyAdvantage and trying to maintain a social life and stay healthy. haha. BUT, thank god for the little bird we call twitter - follow me @jovancebre for updates-on-the-g or just comment here with any question and i'll get back to you asap!

my two costumes for this halloween-weekend are almost complete, all that's missing is a pair of shoes. this week has been nothing but sleepless. sunday was allnighter night and tuesday followed the same pattern. today is killer-day and tomorrow it's time for a huge greek-midterm. i think my glossary is currently counting 450 words. that would be fine, if that were all. i have one more chapter to add, which means an additional 150 words. greeat.

also, my dearest readers, if you have any questions about studying in the US, the U.K., France, or even China. Check out StudyAdvantage for student blogs, stats and useful information about each country's studentlife.

that's about it. this weekend is going to be hilarious, so keep reading for an update on the "hot" costumes and the wild parties (watch i end up falling asleep while dancing).

the rested

october 25 - the manifesto


bored out of our minds while studying last night, anna and i outlined a manifesto to maintain our health. both of us have gotten weird zits and stomach problems these past couple of days, which have most likely surfaced from our fairly unhealthy (rather, self-destructive) lifestyles. the manifesto includes fun stuff such as no sugar, no food after 10pm, at least two workouts a week etc.

the midterm today went ok - no more, no less. i didn't think it was going to be that focused on details and i also went in with the mindset that i already hated the midterm - only mtp choice and true/false questions - fail. following the midterm was a guest-lecture by a senegalese woman who spoke about growing up with a polygamous father and with constant pressure of having to get married. interesting lecture.

had a meeting with my boss again and once again, i realized that i'm actually doing something good :) wiiha, if this goes the way i want it to, big things are on the horizon! my keyboard turned all greek when my boss left and that was great, took me a while to figure out where all the letters are etc. cleared my head while walking down to jess's dorm where she made us veggie-burgers, soy-noodles and stir-fried veggies. yes, of course we watched gossip girl! now, i'm building up my own greek dictionary - unfortunately, my burning eyes won't cooperate, so i think i should just go to bed and wake up early and finish this? yup, that's what i'm gonna do.

support the locals! - stockholm's christian niva recently released his album, one song is finally on youtube, but only has 78 views. support swedish talent ;) goodnight!


what have we done?
we've done nothing.

october 22 - the best way to start your day


last night was great, the sushi at blue ribbon sushi was the best sushi i've ever had, after nobu. really fresh and interesting. dad's guy and his wife were also really nice and we had good conversation about world problems while comparing sweden to the states. jess came over shortly thereafter and we had fruitsallad with ready whip while watching "i don't know how she does it." my take on the movie - sjp should have ended her career as "carrie" - horrible movie - no plot, not funny, bad lines. egh. i just didn't like it.

about this morning: no words need be said. just enjoy the pics. although blurry, they can give you a hint of what it feels like starting your day with a sunny fall-day in central park with your bff :)

ahh, i need to put my love of this city into my books right now.
write you later (maybe),


october 21 - productivity


ended my day yesterday with a great skype-sesh with my sister on the other side of this humongous country - LA.
so proud of her my "little" nutellajarchocolatebar <3

there's nothing as fulfilling as ending a very productive day with good sushi.
i have worked, been in skype/phone-meetings since 9am today and will end this day with a sushi dinner at blue ribbon sushi with my dad's marketing guy.

jess will then accompany me in, hopefully, doing some more work/studying and then we'll chill with our home boys - sour patches ;)

well, i have to keep going. just thought i'd let you know that nothing has been very exciting in my day today. no fancy shmancy movie premieres or celeb-encounters. just an average day on the Upper East Side.

the crazy obradovics <3

october 21 - officially the worst blogger ever?


i can't believe i haven't had time to blog. haha, welcome to reality.

with monday came the craziness that has been this week. monday was literally a marathon in both downtown and on the upper-west side. school, meeting with my boss, the event and although wanting to sleep as soon as i got home, the textbooks were calling.

after three hours of sleep, i got up on tuesday, thinking it would be a relatively calm day - or as calm as it gets in jovana world - slightly stressful. but no, slightly turned into very as molly invited me to come with her to the NYC premiere of "Like Crazy." we soon realized that we would have about 20 minutes to get ready and looking like a bum from scratch that day didn't really help the situation. we ran to the train, got off, ran to the apartment, tried everything on in a second, put our crazy fros in buns, threw on some make-up and ran out the streets to catch a cab. movie premiere, in all honor, the paparazzi were there, the red carpet was there, but molly and i (top-celebs) decided to sneak in through the back door. little did we know there were paparazzis downstairs, which we obviously had to run from. haha. while eating chocolate we were discussing the awkwardness of events like these and the people who were to come - elizabeth olsen, brad gorsky, james lafferty, amanda hearst and hugo becker, being some of them. the movie was amazing, followed by an afterparty at sonsofessex, where molly wanted to say hi to the incredibly kind director drake doremus, and the main characters anton yelchin and felicity jones. we ended the night with a "dinner for two" at a new thai place :)

needless to say, work was waiting for me when we got home around 11pm. that is, i had to write a presentation for wednesday. i did so and although that presentation was graded as a 20/20, the two hours of sleep i had were definitely paid for. that school-day was followed by a quick study session and then the screening of the movie "Miss Representation." i got home at around 10pm and, predictably, fell asleep in a very awkward position on our couch.

school was good today, after waking up from my internal alarm clock (the one on my phone has given up hope..) at 7:15am, i ended up falling asleep in annas bed after school and have since worked on both my marketing project and diverse PR-tasks.

this occassion serves for an acronym: TGIF!!
time to go to bed :)

until the rising of
the sun

october 17 - useless


today i've been useless. literally.

i just started doing both work and studying. i've finished one chapter, tweets, organized documents, written website updates, researched. woke up like a mess at annas and then started on what would become an all-day "trashcan" food consumption.

kayla's bday last night was great. a bit awkward from scratch, but the awkwardness eased up as the night went on. after a tasty dinner and good drinks at the hurricane club, we went next door to riff raff. we got our face's painted. i got five stars on each cheek-bone, which by the end of the night looked like five smeared dots. the night ended at a penthouse in downtown, pretzels, chips and salsa. good night with my ladies :)

now, i have to read an article, delegate tasks to the new intern on the second marketing project, work a little more on a pitch and then go to bed to be able to go on an 8am central park powerwalk with jess, buy ugly 3" low heels, study, go to school, meeting and finally attend the event.

no more time to write - a lot to do - au revoir,

now the joy
of my life..

october 16 - catch and release?


"catch and release," also known as its real name "riff raff" was the place where kay's bday celebration happened tonight! before riff raff, we enjoyed a dinner at the hurricane club. it was awkward, but fun and full of energy - obviously fun to get face-paint too.

ohwell, getting up in five hours, better get ready for a day of studying!

yeah yeah

october 13 - sweet weekend


so, there are three ways of staying sane at NYU
  1. be insane
  2. be insane
  3. be insane
i think i'm all of them.. every thursday when i get home i just throw my stuff on the couch, listen to music and sing. good thing eleanor and mols aren't here. their ear-doctor bills would get expensive.

took the nyu-pic, i have orange hair on it and look like a serbian rich grandma.
i mourned away with green curry followed by a meeting and now i'm home. time to start doing work.

ohyeah, almost forgot - let me introduce to you the new it-face.
it's a shame vogue wouldn't have me as their cover-girl!

damn, why you gotta
be so fly?

october 13 - au revoir weekend


not to be a pessimist or anything, but:
this weekend is going to fly by like it was a three-day gap on the 365-day calendar.

today, i'm getting photographed for the new NYU-id, obviously today is the last day, then i'm meeting with my gender and communications professor to discuss a presentation, working out another pitch, formatting a twitter background and then reading some. tomorrow is work-out day, then work, meeting with anna, taco-friday. saturday is study-work-out-day, dinner for kayla's bday, party for kayla's bday. sunday is funday - workworkworkstudystudystudy!

i wish i could keep you company,
but i need to read and then meet denndenn and anna!

HAHA, flattering..
stressed worker/happy worker photos!

october 12 - productive day


Gilla Saint Tropez Jönköping för att delta i utlottningen av ett 300kr-presentkort i butiken! Dragningen sker den 26/10 och gäller endast tävlande i Sverige. Lycka till :)

i started the day with a cup of coffee and some work before powerwalking my way down 50 blocks to meet anna. i had taken on the task of a coffee-and-snack-messenger, which became a little tricky when already holding the blackberry, ipod and a bag.. believe it or not, i made it.

we chatted our way through a breakfeast and then got to work.
i finished a pitch, finalized tweets, went through some notes, did most of my greek and formatted the twitter-background for my boss. kayla also joined us for a couple of hours before heading home and a two or three hours later, i was also on my way home to meet molly :) only els missing and then 1E will be complete again. it was a very productive day and i am happy with the outcome.

and btw, interesting discovery: someone in the 2E apartment (the noisy neighbors) is scandinavian. I couldn't really tell if the movie they just finished watching was danish or norwegian, but it's on. stay tuned for more updates on the scandinavian war on NYC's upper east side!

i think it's undoubtedly time for me to go to bed since i'm waking up in three hours. first, i want to tell you about my killer-weekend that is following tomorrow's killer-wednesday:
taco-friday with molly and jess. and kayla's bday-saturday! wootwoot.
ok, goodnight.

trudi se
još malo

october 11 - say yes to the stress


after waking up this morning at 7:15 unable to go back to sleep, i somehow later on managed to oversleep and wondered how effed up this day was going to be. then, when i had done some studying and skyped with linda i was all good and this afternoon made everything perfect!

my life is definitely heading in the right direction. opportunities are popping up everywhere and i'm never late to accept them. i just took on another PR-social media assistant job for my boss, Anna Akbari and St Lucia Heaven - wish me luck? i'm so excited and i just can't hide it, people were laughing at my "beautiful" smile walking the streets of midtown west.

after the great meeting and calling my mom to let her know the great news, i met jess and we cooked. damn: no instructions, no confusion and no discussion! we just started and after 20 minutes, our plates were served with chicken, stir fry vegetables in soy sauce, and rice :) namnamnam. ain't no thing like a good couple in the kitchen. hahaha! after our discussions on marriage etc., we enjoyed the standard monday-episode of gossip girl and then i headed home.

now, i've finished up some tweets, finished a pitch, started a paper and i'm going to finish another reading before i go to bed and hopefully fall asleep :)

i'm gonna tell you something you don't want to hear:
life is amazing, i feel amazing and i think i'm in the perfect state of mind!

october 10 - back to reality


i am so ready to go to sleep in this exact moment. but, i thought i'd be a good little blogger and inform you about my last couple of days. washington dc is beautiful and clean, but overprotected and not very laidback. did you for instance know that if you are on the phone outside of the pentagon they intercept your call and that the volume on your car-stereo is automatically lowered? crazy.

anyways, first night we just chilled, second day was dc-sightseeing in 85 degrees :) it was definitely a beautiful day but we were definitely NOT dressed for it. the day continued at pentagon city where we shopped a little and had chinese fast food, we ended the day with a tanning session. day three got off to a slow start, we were thinking about going to an outlet, but changed our minds and went to tyson's center or something. shopped a little bit, had a wrap and then headed back home where the getting-ready and bailey's liqueur was waiting.

the nightlife in washington dc vs. the nightlife in nyc:
the interior design of the places in dc are certainly more thought-out and modern than those in nyc, but the crowd is so much worse. we did have a good time and laughed a lot, but nyc has got the upperhand on dc when it comes to clubbing.

today, we woke up and had coffee, i took a shower and then it was bye-bye time. i had an incredible and needed relaxing weekend with the solic's and olja. thank you guys so much and i can't wait to see you again, especially not little smileybaby :) the bus was packed and there were many delays on the way, but i somehow managed to get back here to my bed.

speaking of beds, i need to sleep.
tomorrow: powerwalk - studying - meeting - food&gg with jess :)

nije ti ovo amerika,
bogata devojko, nevoljo velika

october 6 - on the bus


in a little less than two hours, i will be in the capital of the US with my olja, her sister and her family :) i am really excited.

can't help but complain about the wireless on the bus though. i thought i could be productive while on the bus in order to save time for other fun stuff during the three days i'm going to stay in dc. but no. instead, i fell asleep because of the amount of time it takes to load a website - no, i'm not joking. when i woke up, i had written "nnnn" over three pages in word. hahaha! awkward.

anyways, tonight we are just going to chill.
tomorrow, we're going do touristy-things and then go out.
on saturday, it's time for some outlet-shopping and another night out.
sunday's activities are tba (to be announced), since i'm going home then.

funny thing happened today again. as anna and i walked into the yankees clubhouse shop on times square, i said i was looking for baby-clothes and while we were looking through the perfect outfit for little stefan, we overheard: "well, yeah man, she seems pretty fertil?"- hahaha, what the f does that mean? anna just goes: "aaw, i can't believe he's already that big!" and i go: "yeah, time flies.." HAHA. oh god, if they only knew who they were referring to!

i'm gonna give this internet a last try before proceeding with my nnnnnn.

ja klečim samo
pred bogom

october 5 - EXCITE!


MAY 2012 - here i come. no turning back, no looking back.
time to look forward, which means looking perplexedly at the greek test that will be handed to me in 45 minutes. seriously though, post-finals may is probably going to be one of the best months of my life.


october 4 - s.l.e.e.p


having my dinner as i write. today has been hectic from start to finish - after resistantly opening up my eyes at 7am, i've had a lot of school, a lot of work - no sleep. grabbed food with anna and xristos at spice, then took a trip further downtown to groundsupport - a café in soho with amazing coffee and a fun crowd.

so, a funny thing happened on the subway today:
anna hopped off the train and i stayed on since i get off after her. when she had gotten off, two older ladies (around 70) got on and one of them was blind. polite as i am when it comes to old people, i scooted over and made room for both of them. four girls were standing in front of me and one was making a move toward the seat that i had made free for the blind old lady. when the ladies sat down, this immature cocky girl started calling the old lady a fucking bitch and upon that me as well. i didn't mind that she called me a bitch, i really didn't - but don't call a blind and old lady a bitch just because she is old and less capable of standing on a moving train than you are?

they kept discussing what a bitch i was and finally i decided to just stare back at this girl, because i started getting really annoyed with them due to their impoliteness. so, when i got eye contact i simply told her, in a calm voice (everyone should be proud): "there's no need to be rude." her response was obviously as mature as a fetus in a woman's womb: "stop fucking looking at me," when they got off at the next stop the middlefinger was on display, as well as vajeyjey-stroking while screaming: "you can suck my dick, bitch."

a woman took their place and was as discombobulated as i was. after speaking for a while, we came to a mutual conclusion - there is something really wrong with that generation.

just wanted to share with you how polite and well-mannered today's kids are.
no wonder i don't like them...

time for me to be productive before watching 90210 and passing out,

to all you "bitches,"
speak your mind!

october 4 - survivor?


feels great to average 4 hours sleep/night. i really need this weekend's vacation, although i highly doubt it's going to be completely work-free. needless to say, i'm having a lot of fun :) meeting a lot of new people, organizing and writing like never before. got my first paper back today as well - 100% - booyah, i guess i've still got it even though i'm a hot mess.

today, molly and i took our frantic asses to little browns for our second caffeine-kick of the day. proceeded to the subway and then class. class was fun and stressful, then i had to run to the subway to get on time to the meeting, obviously missed the C, but managed to be on time anyway. had a one and a half hour meeting and then walked all the way from 9th to lex, guess who was drenched when they got to the subway? i definitely was.

made a great dinner - chicken stirfried in tomatos and kale, added some pepper to that and boom - student food 3.0. had completely forgotten to started working, finished some pitches, added resources etc. i just finished reading about the pintupi again (aborigines in australia) and it is now time for me to get those abovementioned four hours.


hahaha, hot nerd 3.0

october 3 - ποιος άξιζε πες μου


just came back inside after talking to our neighbor who happens to be really cool - no, not part of the "baller" dudes above us. we sat out there for a good hour and decided some day, we should party together.

all day today has been super-slow and filled with work and studying. i also managed to watch a movie (The Whistleblower) about the post-war human trafficking in bosnia. however, it is an american movie and i'm kinda skeptical to the whole "we always save the world" mindset that goes into most of those movies.. it's worth watching - if you don't have a weak stomach though. cool to hear gorgeous monica bellucci speak russian too! and funny how sergej trifunovic plays the king of trafficking.. ha.

saturday was fun. started here with wine, candy, chips, pretzels, laughs and talks :) and after roaming around in meatpacking, we ended up at the griffin, which sucked. that's when we came to our senses, jumped in a cab and, per usual, ended up at "sloppy" southside. had soooo much fun with the guys and danced the night away! i'll provide you with some pics to illustrate the fun:

this last pic describes almost everything you need to know about me,
and yeah, i have a face too

time for me to fall asleep accompanied by the most beautiful song ever made!

october 1 - PSYCHE!


haha, i found my ipod. or eleanor found it - in her purse. obviously i would give it to her while grocery shopping?
stupid. wiihaaa, my life is saved! anyways, time for me to get to sarabeths with mikaela and company. thirty block walk here i come!


october 1 - and i've done it again!


happy bday world's greatest dad! you couldn't have prouder daughters. love you (and no, i haven't picked the candy up yet!)

happy anniversairy pina and harri <3

so here it comes - i don't know where the case for my glasses is or where my ipod is. GREAT. fucking fantastic, jovana. the glasses case can't have been lost anywhere except for school, so i'm gonna go to the lost&found department after praying to god that it's there. the ipod is just a weird story - either someone stole it from me or i dropped it, or it's laying around our "neat" apartment somewhere. that's also an interesting story.
fuck my life. does anyone know any kind of therapy one could go to for clumsiness? - if you do, please holla.

yesterday was a good day. met up with ania to study at browns, where a father and a daughter were talking family problems, divorces, hate etc. weird convo to have in a very open and loud café. after enjoying a spicy wrap and an iced tea lemonade (not coffee, wootwoot), i went home to change and headed up to the kaiawinehouse, where i met up with taylor. we haven't seen each other in a year. it was definitely good catching up!

i ended the night making a quinoa soup-ish thing with aubergine, tomato and vegetable broth - yuminmytu. also watched a great turkish movie - Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever ("Love Likes Coincidences) :)
in an hour or two, i'm meeting up with mikaela and co in the park, since they cancelled on dinner last night.
but until then, i must work.

nikola jovanovic.



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