november 9 - the not-so-jovana-day


i took a three hour nap today. three hours of my life were wasted just like that, just because i'm the most PMS-girl i've ever met today. everyone staring at my ripped jeans, chains with hanging crosses and faux fur didn't make the situation better. damn, i've been mad today.

headed to the gym with molly just to realize how weak i have become. apparently, i embody the strenght of chickenwings.. proud moments!

anyways, tomorrow is a new day. granted it's the killer day, i look forward to any day that isn't today. shit, nothing made me feel like this or anything, just fucking being a girl. not my thing. at all.
my new jewelry mom sent rocks my socks, almost the same way drake's new album and my disco-nails do.
the little things in life are love!
i'm going to bed.
and tomorrow i'll be the crazy swerbian again.

i've asked about you and
they told me things

Postat av: pappa

Det är bara att "acceptera" att visa dagar är sådana, thats life Joka.

2011-11-09 @ 15:47:02

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