november 6 - cultures ❤


i had the perfect new york day yesterday.

the day started with some work and a trip to flatbush, brooklyn, to go to the MoCADA and see an exhibition for school. after a quick target run, we headed back home to the UES and "started" some work here. but quickly decided to go with molly to h&m. got myself a thick chunk knit sweater, which i actually ended up wearing last night.

after a rough week in many ways, my friends decided to take me barhopping on the LES.
we started off at anna's and jackie's with drinks, music and chitchat. the barhopping started at spitzers, then pianos, schillers, boss tweeds saloon where we stayed for 2for1 in drinks while watching guys play beerpong and trying to make some baskets, after a huge firetruck mayhem outside the balkan club, we decided to go there and check it out. i tried serbian-talking my way out of paying the $10 coverage charge, but the bulgarians weren't on my side tonight. their explanation was that they had had a live band their just before we showed up and it was packed.

packed it was, indeed. and we had so much fun. a swede, a serbian, a russian and a cuban-french rocked the dancefloor at Mehanata and took turns to run for water :) kolo was danced, both russian and serbian, the cuban and mexican salsa was showing off, as was the swedish charm. amazing night (to say the least). i'm going back to mehanata veeery soon that's for sure.

and now for your entertainment - some pictures:

a real
sticky situation

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Pravi veseljak!

2011-11-07 @ 07:58:42

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