november 26 - MVP


i rewarded myself with a sleep-in tonight - didn't wake up until 12:00pm. it felt good and i think i made a pretty wise decision, since i've been studying since (with two small breaks).

this book is about an aboriginal women, whose whole family have been suffering from the systematized "ethnic cleansing" of the aborigines with the stolen generation. molly and i went on our standard 70 block walk in the afternoon down to liquiteria, japanese place, and then took the train back home. short thereafter, jess stopped by and we had soup, salad and crackers :)

200 pages of indigenous australia, finished greek homework, worked on website formatting, and scheduled tweets for both anna and owen. good day. on repeat tomorrow starting 10am!

ohyeah, be extra thankful this thanksgiving - the NBA lockout is over.

ne trebam ja tvoje zagrljaje,
pa da posle pricas "mala je dala"

Postat av: pappa

muso jedan!

2011-11-26 @ 13:02:57

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