november 25 - fooooood(coma)


let's just say this thanksgiving differed from past year's a whole lot! not that last year's thanksgiving was bad, it was great - but this was def the best. jacks and anna cooked a lot, i helped with what i could and we ended up having a feast of non-traditional ft. traditional thanksgiving food:

skipped the wine today though, because that bottle yesterday was definitely enough to fulfill my "wine-quote" per month. wine just isn't my thing. we had some great conversation, realizing that we're growing up and all, and about our families, our men (read: the lack thereof), school and the future. met molly on the way home and got amazed by the line outside of h&m, black friday..

i hope you guys had as great a night i did and take care of your beloveds - now i'm in my PJs and soo ready to go to bed.

it's not the end of the world,
it's just the end of a world

Postat av: pappa

Så här skall det ser ut när jag och mamma kommer, hoppas jag??

2011-11-25 @ 12:23:13

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