november 23 - business meeting I


i am very content with my first meeting and with my employers. there's nothing like walking into a meeting feeling confident and prepared - so gratifying. the meeting was longer than i thought (about 3hrs), but was very interesting, fun and worth every hour. i've realized i not only love being busy all the time, i love working as well. after that quick realization, i ran to fairway to get food (hadn't eaten all day) and wine.

jam and i had our "romantic" date with wine and i wish that the empty wine bottle on the table was because of happy memories, happy thoughts and a great virtual date. but no - only half of is emptiness is rooted in happiness. the rest is not even worth arguing about, because there is not real answer as to why everything is happening the way it is. i wish i could be God for a day or two - would be great right now. skyped with sandypants for a good (and needed) two hours. we're so different, yet the best combo ever.

thanksgiving tomorrow - better thank god, the world, the spirits (or whoever/whatever you believe in) for the people around you, especially your family. and stop complaining about tiny shit - a time is gonna come when you regret it all. that being the case, spare yourself from being annoyed/irritated and just embrace every boring moment you get with your significant others - no matter how lame it gets, you might not get that moment again.


orka att vi gör samma min..
min hjerta <3
ne dam nikom' ovu bol,
jer to je zivot moj

Postat av: pappa

Bravo Joka, klok som vanligt, gratulerar till ditt första riktiga jobb, det är början på en lång och strålande karriär som affärskvinna!

2011-11-24 @ 08:11:05

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