november 21 - baby it's ooooveer


oh stop being such dramaqueens - i'm just writing about the weekend.

it was a good weekend, with a great mix of activities, lacking severely on the aspect on school-work. nonetheless, it was very productive work-wise and red bull vodkas were apparently the way to go yesterday. i can't say i agree with that way today. i wish death upon red bull vodkas.

last night was fun indeed. started at a sportsbar, which we were all very skeptical towards from scratch, but it ended up being laid back and fun. joined all the models outside 1oak, didn't get in of course, ordinary as we are. so, we headed home - southside that is. danced like never before, one guy wouldn't let me leave and another was laughing at my tries to get rid of him.

i hated my life this morning, but got to work after taking a two hour nap and debating on what to eat for about two additional hours. ohwell. here comes the before and after.

sve dok

Postat av: pappa


2011-11-21 @ 10:49:51
Postat av: Hanna

Kan du berätta om du har haft några förhållanden? Har läst din blogg i snart två år och du skriver typ aldrig om pojkar haha. Är bara lite nyfiken på om du har haft pojkvänner tidigare och om du har en nu?

2011-11-22 @ 10:29:48

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