november 2 - new yoooo'k


i have about fifteen minutes to get ready for school and head on to the subway. yeah. i hate wednesdays and as i'm starting to plan my last semester at NYU, i'm not scheduling anything before 11, if not necessary.

after my advising appointment, i chilled starving in the library with a bunch of schoolwork and then headed up to jess' hood, grabbed subway and had a cozy tuesday-night watching 90210 and discussing our futures (per usual). i almost fell asleep there, needless to say my lack of productivity remained with me until the moment i closed my eyes to sleep.

today is wednesday - nuff said. the day when nothing ever goes my way. i might get my greek midterm from yesterday back, meeting with my marketing group, studying and then having free mexican food at school. gotta love it - the last part that is. what makes killer-wednesday better though is that OUR NEIGHBORS MOVED OUT, you know the screaming-sexmusic-mondaypartyanimals? yup, they moved out. crossing my fingers that our next neighbors will be at least somewhat better :)

to quote my roomate, the legendary ms. drake:
"catch you on the flipflop."

just your average day
with the obradovics

Postat av: pappa

hehehehehe....kakve babaroge!!

2011-11-03 @ 11:14:07

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