november 19 - give gave given


sorry i've been absent peeps - there's just been way too much going on. as you know, i'm working on a marketing-project, as a pr-assistent and now also as a social media coordinator AND i'm taking five classes.

my last semester's schedule is also set up:
senior media seminar: latinas/os in the media (can't remember the exact title)
law & society
elementary greek II
modern greece and the balkans (didn't want to take this at all...)

time-wise, the schedule is going to be a bit ridiculous. i start at around 5pm on mondays and end at 7:25pm, tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays start with greek and then i have law and society either on tuesday or thursday and then law and society on one of the two. i know, i'm confused. it's also 3am, so don't judge.

anyways, there's not much to write - i'm alive.
let me show you my outfit-poses in photobooth:

exhibit a: the dancing chic

exhibit b: superwoman

exhibit c: ehm, can i like get an A+ in style?

exhibit d: O-EM-GEE, i can't believe i'm featured on a blog!

exhibit e: wait, cut - do i have lipstick on my teeth?

la belle personne
ne veut pas aimer

Postat av: sandy

hahahaha asså du e knäpppp

2011-11-19 @ 09:26:20

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