november 14 - homesickness


everything is going my way on many fronts in life, that's when i wish i had the people who mean the most to me around me. thank god for social media - what would i do without it? probably have thousands in phonebills and waste time watching photos of my beloveds.

oh well, only a month left until i go home and until then, i hope i won't have time to feel this way again. i usually manage to keep myself distracted from thinking about the people that i miss the most, but today, it just didn't work.

last night was great! or evening and night.
we met daniel and co. at the standard and enjoyed a cheeseplate, snacks and drinks while looking over the beautiful place that we call manhattan. after that i powerwalked my way up to 22nd and 8th, where i met jess and her mom for dinner at spice. it was deeelicious, and of course, we had some wine and the greatest maud had gotten me not only candy and coffee, but two pairs of tights - soooo sweet!

the rosenquists then walked me to 44th, where we said our goodbyes and i ended up at a german bar. chill, drank, had fun, and then headed to industry which was close by. it was fun, we danced and were laughing at everything, but we were also in despair because we realized that all the hottest men in the City are gay. being a straight woman on Manhattan is mission impossible ten. after industry, we headed to williamsburg and another gay bar called sugarland, where i got checked out by a lesbian and my glasses kept getting foggy. haha!

anyways, today was ok. finished a paper, did some research set up a social media strategy, sent out some e-mails and compiled shopping resources for anna. time for bed!


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Produktiv Motokvinna!

2011-11-14 @ 10:57:36

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