november 12 - bedtime


fairly productive day today as well: finished a summary info doc and one paper, and then finished some smaller things that are always lingering but i never manage get to. now it's time for me to read a chapter of the aboriginal australia book and go to bed. god have i been eating today. hello trend-setting world, i introduce to you the new black: senior fifteen. how vogue of me.

the start signal for tomorrow goes off at 8:30am. and here's the line-up:

brunch with molly's parents
hang-out with anna and the london-people visting
dinner with jess' mom
meet-up with anna, dani and his friends and go out

since i'm not going to get any work done tomorrow, it was good that i was locked up these past two days. gotta go read now again, but just wanted to show you eleanor's amazing nailpolish - gotta get me some of that!



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