november 11 - contest/tävling!


all this hype is going on about it being 11/11/11, but as the girl that believes in (un)lucky number 13, i'm not even going to start discussing the silliness of it.

today was also a very productive day. i've literally been sitting on the couch from 2pm-9pm doing work, taking a break for dinner, a show and chatting with my dad, and then back into it from 11:30pm-now. woot: home-workout, one chapter of marketing, two of indigenous australia, one pitch written, four pitches sent out, delegated tasks to my fellow interns, contacted four different travelling agencies, researched, been in contact with usc's fashion industry association, had a phone-meeting with my boss, managed the social media on hootsuite, all this while bbming, texting, reading the news, and planning the weekend. ah, i love days like this :D

but, here comes the real reason for my blogging: saint tropez jönköping is hosting a contest! the grand prize? a giftcard worth 500kr on anything in the store! to participate, one needs to take pictures of a favorite outfit, including at least two pieces of clothing/accessories from the boutique. here's my contribution:

i am wearing:
studded jeans vest - miss sixty
gray knit tunic - saint tropez
underdress with lace lining - saint tropez
leather belt - saint tropez jönköping
tights - h&m
glasses - efva attling

no need to be serious, just have fun with it! i mean, you can get 500kr without doing anything dangerous - why not? like the page for more info! speaking of being "super-serious," this is how i feel about myself tonight after accomplishing all i have today:

in the jungle, the mighty jungle,
jovana sleeps toniiiiight!

Postat av: pappa

seriös lepotica!!

2011-11-11 @ 13:04:35
Postat av: Jess

hahahaha BÄSTA bilden på länge!

2011-11-12 @ 03:59:59

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