november 10 - productivity +


wiihaa, had a good jovana-day today.

got to class and was met by a super-rude ta that wouldn't have any opinion heard but her own, technically. i mean she let everyone speak and pretended to care about what they had to say and then quickly turned to abruptly shut everyone's ideas down. luckily, something good came out of it - i met a really nice and fun greek girl and bonded with her over being annoyed with the ta and all-things-greek :)

then it was time for the class that keeps me going on wednesdays - greek. we have so much fun in that class and ms. lalaki has to be the most fun, yet strict, professor i've ever had. love every second of it. the fact that my midterm had an "A" in red pen didn't make the situation worse! during advertising&marketing we had a guestspeaker - the director of branded entertainment from j walter thompson. always interesting listening to professionals within a field you want to work. then, gender and comm, or in my-speak: the discussion. got my paper back for that class as well and even that one had 10/10 written on it :)

after two presentations in entertainment and the media industries, we were let go early and i headed home - wrote two greek assignments, read some greek, read two chapters in indigenous australia and finished a pitch-draft. perfect! my pms is still switched on.

long weekend this weekend. a lot to do and too little time. but, i'm gonna make it work, starting with a gym-session after indigenous australia and a greek quiz tomorrow.

way too much going on
in the background

Postat av: pappa

ojojojoj vad jag känner mig stolt över min hero!!!! Bar jobbat Motokvinna!!!!

2011-11-10 @ 09:02:56

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