november 1 - dunkin jovnut


people were staring at me today and i started wondering if if my pants were unzipped or if i had food all over my mind. but no. it was the living jovnut dunking around the streets of manhattan. my eyes literally looked like donuts today, no biggie.

anyways, today was good. found out that i got an A on my advertising and marketing midterm and after my two classes i was bobst-bound until about seven o'clock when molly and i headed home. since, i've been trying to bang some greek in my head. instead, i've been running to and from the fridge trying to find things to eat - it's obvious i need to get fruit and sallad. i might make time for a fairway-run tomorrow after 90210-night at jess's.

greek midterm tomorrow, appointment with my advisor, applying for a green-card, studying, and then heading to jess's with two subs in my hands. nothing better than waking up and eating a fruitbowl made up of green apples and grapefruit btw. so freaking delish. and, drake's album is released on november 14th, drool.
my eyes are wide shut, time to attack my bed.

the real

Postat av: pappa

lepojka moja. gratulerar för första A för terminen.Stolt och imponerad pappa!!

2011-11-01 @ 08:48:30

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