november 29 - in times like these


"i wish i could just have a GG marathon and eat peanut m&ms"
"hold on, be right back"

ten minutes later my door is buzzed and this amazing human being walks through the door, carrying just what i wanted - season 1 of GG, peanut m&ms, AND herself.

we're better than S&B at being besties.
love you jess!

not quite the chuck you equivocate with
the sexiest man in the world, huh?
just shut up and
drive, drive, drive

november 28 - sun is up?


oh, it's completely normal to wake up by yourself at 5am? ehm, NO.

i went to bed around 11:30pm last night, but 5am - really??! this just proves to you what a bad sleeper i am. after trying to fall asleep for half an hour, i gave up. now i'm up and thinking of finishing my marketing part and editing my paper until my meeting at ten. better freshen up until then - you could think a zombie is my parent at this particular moment.

time for some coffee and google!

we've got
the love

november 26 - ready, set .. GO


breakfast has been devoured, my probiotic is in my stomach, a shower is taken and the hair (beast) is washed. the book is open and my coffee fills the whole room a pleasant aroma, while serbian music is getting me in a studious mood. this means it's time for me to start my day reading!

good morning!

pusti muziku
i ne prekidaj

november 26 - MVP


i rewarded myself with a sleep-in tonight - didn't wake up until 12:00pm. it felt good and i think i made a pretty wise decision, since i've been studying since (with two small breaks).

this book is about an aboriginal women, whose whole family have been suffering from the systematized "ethnic cleansing" of the aborigines with the stolen generation. molly and i went on our standard 70 block walk in the afternoon down to liquiteria, japanese place, and then took the train back home. short thereafter, jess stopped by and we had soup, salad and crackers :)

200 pages of indigenous australia, finished greek homework, worked on website formatting, and scheduled tweets for both anna and owen. good day. on repeat tomorrow starting 10am!

ohyeah, be extra thankful this thanksgiving - the NBA lockout is over.

ne trebam ja tvoje zagrljaje,
pa da posle pricas "mala je dala"

november 25 - fooooood(coma)


let's just say this thanksgiving differed from past year's a whole lot! not that last year's thanksgiving was bad, it was great - but this was def the best. jacks and anna cooked a lot, i helped with what i could and we ended up having a feast of non-traditional ft. traditional thanksgiving food:

skipped the wine today though, because that bottle yesterday was definitely enough to fulfill my "wine-quote" per month. wine just isn't my thing. we had some great conversation, realizing that we're growing up and all, and about our families, our men (read: the lack thereof), school and the future. met molly on the way home and got amazed by the line outside of h&m, black friday..

i hope you guys had as great a night i did and take care of your beloveds - now i'm in my PJs and soo ready to go to bed.

it's not the end of the world,
it's just the end of a world

november 24 - happy thanksgiving!


i'll let my clothes speak for my mood today. time to head over to my favorite jews for some non-traditional thanksgiving cuisine. be thankful! and show it - not only today - every day.

pijana ti dusu

november 23 - business meeting I


i am very content with my first meeting and with my employers. there's nothing like walking into a meeting feeling confident and prepared - so gratifying. the meeting was longer than i thought (about 3hrs), but was very interesting, fun and worth every hour. i've realized i not only love being busy all the time, i love working as well. after that quick realization, i ran to fairway to get food (hadn't eaten all day) and wine.

jam and i had our "romantic" date with wine and i wish that the empty wine bottle on the table was because of happy memories, happy thoughts and a great virtual date. but no - only half of is emptiness is rooted in happiness. the rest is not even worth arguing about, because there is not real answer as to why everything is happening the way it is. i wish i could be God for a day or two - would be great right now. skyped with sandypants for a good (and needed) two hours. we're so different, yet the best combo ever.

thanksgiving tomorrow - better thank god, the world, the spirits (or whoever/whatever you believe in) for the people around you, especially your family. and stop complaining about tiny shit - a time is gonna come when you regret it all. that being the case, spare yourself from being annoyed/irritated and just embrace every boring moment you get with your significant others - no matter how lame it gets, you might not get that moment again.


orka att vi gör samma min..
min hjerta <3
ne dam nikom' ovu bol,
jer to je zivot moj

november 22 - mangasms


before i let my heart out (exaggerated), there are five things you need to know about me:

1. i don't trust people due to old "friends."
2. i hate wording my feelings.
3. i can't take compliments.
4. i'm very independent.
5. i'm a realist.

at age six to twelve, i changed "boyfriends" like most people change underwear. often times, these poor boys were threatened to get their asses kicked (by me), if they didn't want to be "mine." however, at age twelve, swimming became the love of my life and except for a fling here and there, the mere construct of a relationship was a joke to me. when i quit swimming, grew some boobs and when size 24 jeans finally fit me, guys started paying attention to former athlete-plank, jovana. that's when it all got complicated.

in my early teens, i had a steady boyfriend/s in serbia while sweden was on and off - mostly off. i fell in love for the first time when i was 16. it was amazing, butterflies and all. definitely not worth it though, as the butterflies quickly turned into everything not wanted. at 17, i met my prince charming. he treated me the way every girl would want to be treated. even then, something was missing - my "freedom," our mutual interests and goals. i haven't fallen in love since and i think it's gonna take long time before i do.
hence, all you need to know is that in the past four years i've been alone, but never lonely (and i haven't thought about it twice).

from the fifteen-year-old girl thinking she would get married at 21, to being 21 and not even searching for a partner, much has changed. my priorities have changed, my life has changed, as have i.
yet, one thing goes without saying:
if you want it - go get it.

day and night,
"go beyond the cover"

november 22 - i'm ms. lonely?


got an interesting comment yesterday about my relationship to men - do they exist? if so, why don't i mention them? curios?

i'll give you the 411 on my lovelife later today. until then, feel free to ask any question you may have below!


november 21 - baby it's ooooveer


oh stop being such dramaqueens - i'm just writing about the weekend.

it was a good weekend, with a great mix of activities, lacking severely on the aspect on school-work. nonetheless, it was very productive work-wise and red bull vodkas were apparently the way to go yesterday. i can't say i agree with that way today. i wish death upon red bull vodkas.

last night was fun indeed. started at a sportsbar, which we were all very skeptical towards from scratch, but it ended up being laid back and fun. joined all the models outside 1oak, didn't get in of course, ordinary as we are. so, we headed home - southside that is. danced like never before, one guy wouldn't let me leave and another was laughing at my tries to get rid of him.

i hated my life this morning, but got to work after taking a two hour nap and debating on what to eat for about two additional hours. ohwell. here comes the before and after.

sve dok

november 19 - give gave given


sorry i've been absent peeps - there's just been way too much going on. as you know, i'm working on a marketing-project, as a pr-assistent and now also as a social media coordinator AND i'm taking five classes.

my last semester's schedule is also set up:
senior media seminar: latinas/os in the media (can't remember the exact title)
law & society
elementary greek II
modern greece and the balkans (didn't want to take this at all...)

time-wise, the schedule is going to be a bit ridiculous. i start at around 5pm on mondays and end at 7:25pm, tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays start with greek and then i have law and society either on tuesday or thursday and then law and society on one of the two. i know, i'm confused. it's also 3am, so don't judge.

anyways, there's not much to write - i'm alive.
let me show you my outfit-poses in photobooth:

exhibit a: the dancing chic

exhibit b: superwoman

exhibit c: ehm, can i like get an A+ in style?

exhibit d: O-EM-GEE, i can't believe i'm featured on a blog!

exhibit e: wait, cut - do i have lipstick on my teeth?

la belle personne
ne veut pas aimer

november 14 - wounded rhymes


do what i do, listen to lykke li all day, every day.
her new album is as amazing as the previous ones. this one just has fiercer videos thus far.
can't wait to see the rest!

have a great day,

i hear your shouting,
i feel your pounding

november 14 - homesickness


everything is going my way on many fronts in life, that's when i wish i had the people who mean the most to me around me. thank god for social media - what would i do without it? probably have thousands in phonebills and waste time watching photos of my beloveds.

oh well, only a month left until i go home and until then, i hope i won't have time to feel this way again. i usually manage to keep myself distracted from thinking about the people that i miss the most, but today, it just didn't work.

last night was great! or evening and night.
we met daniel and co. at the standard and enjoyed a cheeseplate, snacks and drinks while looking over the beautiful place that we call manhattan. after that i powerwalked my way up to 22nd and 8th, where i met jess and her mom for dinner at spice. it was deeelicious, and of course, we had some wine and the greatest maud had gotten me not only candy and coffee, but two pairs of tights - soooo sweet!

the rosenquists then walked me to 44th, where we said our goodbyes and i ended up at a german bar. chill, drank, had fun, and then headed to industry which was close by. it was fun, we danced and were laughing at everything, but we were also in despair because we realized that all the hottest men in the City are gay. being a straight woman on Manhattan is mission impossible ten. after industry, we headed to williamsburg and another gay bar called sugarland, where i got checked out by a lesbian and my glasses kept getting foggy. haha!

anyways, today was ok. finished a paper, did some research set up a social media strategy, sent out some e-mails and compiled shopping resources for anna. time for bed!


november 12 - bedtime


fairly productive day today as well: finished a summary info doc and one paper, and then finished some smaller things that are always lingering but i never manage get to. now it's time for me to read a chapter of the aboriginal australia book and go to bed. god have i been eating today. hello trend-setting world, i introduce to you the new black: senior fifteen. how vogue of me.

the start signal for tomorrow goes off at 8:30am. and here's the line-up:

brunch with molly's parents
hang-out with anna and the london-people visting
dinner with jess' mom
meet-up with anna, dani and his friends and go out

since i'm not going to get any work done tomorrow, it was good that i was locked up these past two days. gotta go read now again, but just wanted to show you eleanor's amazing nailpolish - gotta get me some of that!


november 11 - contest/tävling!


all this hype is going on about it being 11/11/11, but as the girl that believes in (un)lucky number 13, i'm not even going to start discussing the silliness of it.

today was also a very productive day. i've literally been sitting on the couch from 2pm-9pm doing work, taking a break for dinner, a show and chatting with my dad, and then back into it from 11:30pm-now. woot: home-workout, one chapter of marketing, two of indigenous australia, one pitch written, four pitches sent out, delegated tasks to my fellow interns, contacted four different travelling agencies, researched, been in contact with usc's fashion industry association, had a phone-meeting with my boss, managed the social media on hootsuite, all this while bbming, texting, reading the news, and planning the weekend. ah, i love days like this :D

but, here comes the real reason for my blogging: saint tropez jönköping is hosting a contest! the grand prize? a giftcard worth 500kr on anything in the store! to participate, one needs to take pictures of a favorite outfit, including at least two pieces of clothing/accessories from the boutique. here's my contribution:

i am wearing:
studded jeans vest - miss sixty
gray knit tunic - saint tropez
underdress with lace lining - saint tropez
leather belt - saint tropez jönköping
tights - h&m
glasses - efva attling

no need to be serious, just have fun with it! i mean, you can get 500kr without doing anything dangerous - why not? like the page for more info! speaking of being "super-serious," this is how i feel about myself tonight after accomplishing all i have today:

in the jungle, the mighty jungle,
jovana sleeps toniiiiight!

november 10 - productivity +


wiihaa, had a good jovana-day today.

got to class and was met by a super-rude ta that wouldn't have any opinion heard but her own, technically. i mean she let everyone speak and pretended to care about what they had to say and then quickly turned to abruptly shut everyone's ideas down. luckily, something good came out of it - i met a really nice and fun greek girl and bonded with her over being annoyed with the ta and all-things-greek :)

then it was time for the class that keeps me going on wednesdays - greek. we have so much fun in that class and ms. lalaki has to be the most fun, yet strict, professor i've ever had. love every second of it. the fact that my midterm had an "A" in red pen didn't make the situation worse! during advertising&marketing we had a guestspeaker - the director of branded entertainment from j walter thompson. always interesting listening to professionals within a field you want to work. then, gender and comm, or in my-speak: the discussion. got my paper back for that class as well and even that one had 10/10 written on it :)

after two presentations in entertainment and the media industries, we were let go early and i headed home - wrote two greek assignments, read some greek, read two chapters in indigenous australia and finished a pitch-draft. perfect! my pms is still switched on.

long weekend this weekend. a lot to do and too little time. but, i'm gonna make it work, starting with a gym-session after indigenous australia and a greek quiz tomorrow.

way too much going on
in the background

november 9 - the not-so-jovana-day


i took a three hour nap today. three hours of my life were wasted just like that, just because i'm the most PMS-girl i've ever met today. everyone staring at my ripped jeans, chains with hanging crosses and faux fur didn't make the situation better. damn, i've been mad today.

headed to the gym with molly just to realize how weak i have become. apparently, i embody the strenght of chickenwings.. proud moments!

anyways, tomorrow is a new day. granted it's the killer day, i look forward to any day that isn't today. shit, nothing made me feel like this or anything, just fucking being a girl. not my thing. at all.
my new jewelry mom sent rocks my socks, almost the same way drake's new album and my disco-nails do.
the little things in life are love!
i'm going to bed.
and tomorrow i'll be the crazy swerbian again.

i've asked about you and
they told me things

november 7 - productivity 0


feel like i haven't been doing anything this weekend. and i kinda feel guilty.

today, i had another one of those new york days. woke up and ate, and ate and ate. started my paper, and then walked through the park to the upper west side to the finish line of the marathon. we met mom's customer who had brought the prettiest things from mom to jess and me <3 thank you bestest mom. debuting it all tomorrow :) got home and went out to dinner at felice with el and her parents, and molly. i had an amazing pasta-dish with clams, but unfortunately, my stomach wouldn't have it. anna's after for studying, which didn't happen - we decided that facial masks, nails, eyebrows and hair were more important. so not jovana. but hey, gotta do something different sometimes.

point being - i really need to go to bed and prepare for a busy week! i'm taking a walk to school tomorrow after grabbing coffee with anna, studying there, two classes, studying some more, skype-meeting, studying, walking to jess', having dinner, watching gg, taking the train home, studying/working and sleeping.


i might trip,
but i never fall

november 6 - cultures ❤


i had the perfect new york day yesterday.

the day started with some work and a trip to flatbush, brooklyn, to go to the MoCADA and see an exhibition for school. after a quick target run, we headed back home to the UES and "started" some work here. but quickly decided to go with molly to h&m. got myself a thick chunk knit sweater, which i actually ended up wearing last night.

after a rough week in many ways, my friends decided to take me barhopping on the LES.
we started off at anna's and jackie's with drinks, music and chitchat. the barhopping started at spitzers, then pianos, schillers, boss tweeds saloon where we stayed for 2for1 in drinks while watching guys play beerpong and trying to make some baskets, after a huge firetruck mayhem outside the balkan club, we decided to go there and check it out. i tried serbian-talking my way out of paying the $10 coverage charge, but the bulgarians weren't on my side tonight. their explanation was that they had had a live band their just before we showed up and it was packed.

packed it was, indeed. and we had so much fun. a swede, a serbian, a russian and a cuban-french rocked the dancefloor at Mehanata and took turns to run for water :) kolo was danced, both russian and serbian, the cuban and mexican salsa was showing off, as was the swedish charm. amazing night (to say the least). i'm going back to mehanata veeery soon that's for sure.

and now for your entertainment - some pictures:

a real
sticky situation

november 4 - dunkin jovnut pt. II


life's unfair. we're all aware of it and there's no denying the fact that nothing is fair. nothing.
what we're not aware of though, is the fact that we need to move on. we need to be strong and we need to focus on what we have as opposed to what we don't.

getting stuck in the past is the easiest excuse to not deal with the future;
complaining is much easier than explaining what/who makes you truly happy;
and hiding behind a computer is much easier than enduring face-to-face interaction;
that doesn't mean you don't have to deal with all the abovementioned latters.

sometimes, you're just struck by life. when that happens, there's no running away. none.
i didn't get good news today, nor did i feel good today - my brain overheated with thoughts, as did my stomach with emotions. however, i was extra thankful for the people in my life and realized that every second with them is a gift (no matter how lame, it's the truth.).
xo, jov.

the all-around medicine
didn't really work this time.

november 3 - stay with me


in a couple of hours, everything could change. every inch of my existence. i hope it's for the better. i pray it's for the better. but, i don't know if it's for the better.

further updates today depend completely on that one conversation. i won't promise anything, can't tell you anything. all i can do, is wait. and stay positive. i don't want to sound depressing, because i'm not depressed. definitely not. this is just plain worried jovana. there's nothing more to it.

have a great day and take care of your loved ones.
xo, jov.

i wish i could be God and say:
"let there be life"

november 2 - new yoooo'k


i have about fifteen minutes to get ready for school and head on to the subway. yeah. i hate wednesdays and as i'm starting to plan my last semester at NYU, i'm not scheduling anything before 11, if not necessary.

after my advising appointment, i chilled starving in the library with a bunch of schoolwork and then headed up to jess' hood, grabbed subway and had a cozy tuesday-night watching 90210 and discussing our futures (per usual). i almost fell asleep there, needless to say my lack of productivity remained with me until the moment i closed my eyes to sleep.

today is wednesday - nuff said. the day when nothing ever goes my way. i might get my greek midterm from yesterday back, meeting with my marketing group, studying and then having free mexican food at school. gotta love it - the last part that is. what makes killer-wednesday better though is that OUR NEIGHBORS MOVED OUT, you know the screaming-sexmusic-mondaypartyanimals? yup, they moved out. crossing my fingers that our next neighbors will be at least somewhat better :)

to quote my roomate, the legendary ms. drake:
"catch you on the flipflop."

just your average day
with the obradovics

november 1 - dunkin jovnut


people were staring at me today and i started wondering if if my pants were unzipped or if i had food all over my mind. but no. it was the living jovnut dunking around the streets of manhattan. my eyes literally looked like donuts today, no biggie.

anyways, today was good. found out that i got an A on my advertising and marketing midterm and after my two classes i was bobst-bound until about seven o'clock when molly and i headed home. since, i've been trying to bang some greek in my head. instead, i've been running to and from the fridge trying to find things to eat - it's obvious i need to get fruit and sallad. i might make time for a fairway-run tomorrow after 90210-night at jess's.

greek midterm tomorrow, appointment with my advisor, applying for a green-card, studying, and then heading to jess's with two subs in my hands. nothing better than waking up and eating a fruitbowl made up of green apples and grapefruit btw. so freaking delish. and, drake's album is released on november 14th, drool.
my eyes are wide shut, time to attack my bed.

the real

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