may 27 - work


sorry for the bad update my dear readers. after i got back from stockholm i have been working during the days and hanging out with friends until the late hours :) unfortunately, i don't have a camera (as a result of the drink-dipping) so i can't show you my beautiful little town. but ohwell, my sis is home soon and then i'll provide you with a lil somethin somethin.

there's an ongoing local event in jönköping now, so i gotta go work!
tonight, it's all about my girls and the assyrians :D haha.

u dahu dahu

may 23 - home crazy home


whoa, these past 72 hours have been nothing but insanely crazy.
after almost missing a flight, i boarded sweaty and with a heartbeat approaching 400. the lay-over in london went splendidly and before i knew it (and without as much as a minute of sleep), i was back in sthlm drinking strawberry-decorated wine with my friends and family.

innocent wine drinking and hanging out turned into a spontaneous trip to a serbian party and ooohgood did we have fun! i didn't even have time to think twice about the non-sleeping i had been engaging in the night before - that's how much fun we had :D amazing group - no drama, no complications, everything is something to laugh about!

nonetheless, my fellow champions mosquitos wished me welcome by giving me stamps of bites (allergic) all over my body. pharmacy tomorroW! wrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

tomorrow, it's time for work and i am really tired, since last night also managed to be a three-hour nap night.
ok, i fell sleep on the laptop - goodnight!

may 20 - goodnight NYC


after saying goodbye and having a last bro-session with my faves, i am now drinking ginger tea and enjoying my last night of seeing the chrysler building through the window. i have already checked in for both flights. the dreaded bag-drop can unfortunately not be made online, so i'm gonna have to deal with that tomorrow. i hope the universe is with me on this one and doesn't charge me for the highly likely overweight of my luggage.

in five hours, my last day in new york begins. anna and i were thinking of taking a walk up to central park, walking around and then having a delish sushi lunch. but no, demands us to reschedule due to a risk of thunderstorms. hence, i will be taking my fabulous jelly to the gym and anna her toned calves to yoga.

thereafter, we'll have a yummy sushi lunch, i'll jump on my bags to close them, i'll pimp anna's jeans and then take off. summer 2011 - i'm ready for you to hit me anytime now. preferably tomorrow when i sit my butt down on the plane? thanks.

čij to trag
na vratu kriješ?

may 19 - tomorrow


t minus one day until i get my butt on an airplane!

today is all about them dates. i have a coffee date with sara, date with future roomies, and then i'm just gonna be broing out with my satc crew.

yesterday, for all of you bursting with expectations to hear about it, my gucci interview was cancelled.
third time now, unfortunately. i guess i won't be seeing her until fall, which is completely fine. but, it also sucks in a way - i was definitely looking forward to the meeting. when i got home i headed to the gym in the shortest shorts of all time, making me self-conscious and also working out harder. got to anna's around 11:30 ish, made a quinoa soup for us, watched one tree hill, followed by "modigliani." i am not a great appreciator of art, but that movie is amaze.

my flight leaves tomorrow at 7:30pm, so i'll write you later.
right now, i have a coffee date with sara, whose last name is khan, and NO she's not a terrorist.

take care,

yeah, anna called me
babushka all night last night,

may 18 - busy day


i managed to do everything i planned for today, score.
i also ended up in midtown at anna's place for some m&ms, frieda and talks :)

in about four hours, i am getting up for a day similar to today. starting off with union square at nine, packing up the last things, getting cleared, taking a cab up to anna's, getting ready, lunch with sara, coffee with gucci woman, gym and then crash. i only have two days left in new york, before leaving for the summer. how crazy is that?

i can also announce that my new place will be located in the financial district, sharing rooms with my pretty perfectionist kayla flaherty. it's going to be great and i can't wait to meet the rest of the roomies!

anyways, it is definitely time for me to go to bed, if i wanna look the least bit representative tomorrow.

see you soon :)

may 17 - GO!


i woke up not to long ago, after skyping with my mom and cousin until 4am last night.
now, its time to argue with the laf-staff to give me my converses back, pick up coffee and go chill with steph for a while, go leave my books and then get back, clean, clean, clean, gym, sleep!

now, if you'll excuse me.
i have shit to take care of,

rano moja

may 16 - back from rehab


I had alone time with the two wonderful ladies below, another beautiful woman and her husband. jovs' aunt kindly let me partake in their family time in their gorgeous house in stamford, ct. fortunately, I didn't have any service or any need for facebook during those two days and it felt great! thank you jov and the wonderful family kristo. their little one actually liked me, which makes her the first two-year-old that has ever, even remotelty, liked me :P

we're currently on the train, I'm returning to my natural habitat, that is the concrete jungle, and it feels perfect :) a run to zara with jov, coffee, sad goodbye and then gymming my ass off - that's whatsup!

I'll write you later, hope you have a great day!

karma karma karma karma

may 13 - last allnighter


i just got home from my last allnighter this semester.
starbucks was the place: three coffees, playlist repeated four times, two shift-changes, two re-locations, cussed out by public safety for trying to save the environment by tree-hugging. eight hours later, i'm gonna take a three-hour nap. i deserve it.

the paper is pretty much done, some serious editing to do. can't turn it in less than perfect, i have six hours after i get up at noon. it's gonna be splendid.

anyways, i'm out (literally).


meet denndenn,
the best and hottest man-boy alive

may 12 - here's for you m(r)s. kirwan(son)


well.. i am in the midst of saying goodbye to my partner in (clumpsy) crime for a whole year now - kelly kirwan.

we've went through storms without umbrellas, stole toilet paper, shattered a pot, were drunk together, had anxiety together, were perfectionists, freaked out, complained about our "too-bad" work and then cheered when we realized it was "A" work, overdosed on: apples, grapes, carrots, coke and gum, rediscovered the tastiness of bamboo, sweated through entire welcome week together, survived all the drama, and that's exactly WHY I LOVE YOU!

thank you kelly for an amazing year. i couldn't have lucked out more with a roommate than i did with you. of course, i was fascinated when i realized that you were as clumpsy as i am, which was clarified when you accidentally threw out your nyu-id. and our luck is somewhat similar as well.
and thank you to your entire amazing, wonderfully generous, and caring family!
the kirwans rock my socks :)

the point is - i'm gonna miss you a fucking lot. even though i'll see you in only three months, we won't live together then. yes, it does suck, but no, it doesn't mean we're not gonna stay in touch. that can't happen, ok?

love you "joouuuyzee"
and thank you for an amazing year!

may 12 - time (and time again)


we all know i master the techniques of procrastination, this final paper doesn't even beg to differ.
the cursor is still pointing at that same page it was last night. i'm not worried though. the fact that it is an analysis of propaganda makes it so much easier and interesting to deal with. it will be done on friday by 6pm, i knowz it.

after my very inspiring, interesting, and insightful interview with the PR coordinator of time inc., natasha hirji, i walked straight to trader joe's for some groceries and then refilled my adrenaline tank at the gym for two hours. that adrenaline doesn't count for anything, if it's not accompanied by some good music. that's why i thought i'd share the newest gits - g(ymh)its :D

life in the
fast lane

may 11 - caffeinated wisdom


during the two hours i have currently been awake, the following has caught my attention: the US presbyterian church allows gay clergy; julian assange has been awarded the peace prize by an non-profit org based in australia; two people killed in yemen-protests; gingrich is announces if he's running for president or not today; al qaida might not appoint a successor to bin laden; mosques vandalized throughout the US; melinda kerr breastfeeds on the job; asia-fantasia in model world; and blake lively has gone strawberry and thus, lost everything that once made her stunning.

and that's not all. but some of it. all this was processed while enjoying my steel cut oatmel and a cup of delish coffee (or two..). steph's goodbye is in four hours, my interview in seven and a half. hitting the gym after that - soon i will be able to use the word "meatballs" as a metaphor for my legs - no joke.

anyways, time for me to write about ellul's "everything is propaganda" mindset in context with obama's facebooking in 2008 and harrison's use of the log cabin in the 1840's - thrilled.

talk to you laaaaaaaaaater,

good morning

may 10 - night


so, YSL took nudity in advertising to a whole other level, by launching their campaign for the male perfume "M7." the ad is not merely implying nudity, the model is actually nude. and let's just say that the model's dick is not in the periphery of the photo. let's start counting the countries that will ban it, shall we?

my killer intro of the paper is done, as is the remainder of the first page. just gotta bang out the rest of the seven before friday 5pm. that shouldn't be very hard, since i've recently mastered the art of mouth (and type) diarrhea.

anyways, sleep time now - want to be fresh tomorrow for my interview.

should i stay or
should i go (blonde?)

may 10 - hot mess


HAHA. i definitely thought i could keep my life in check without looking in my calendar. apparently, i couldn't.
the supposed gucci meeting today, is not even scheduled. what i was referring to was my meeting with the PR coordinator of Time and even that is tomorrow and not today. jeez, hot mess, that's what i am!

tomorrow, it's byebye steph "party." not a celebration if you ask me, i just want her to stay. she was for sure my rock in the steinhardt department and calmed me down every time i came in freaking out about my future, or "just" my schedule. i'm gonna miss her - a lot.

then it's the time interview, followed by hardcore studying. i am gonna get ready to go to bobst soon and then work out around 9ish for two hours, come back and fix my being through taking a shower, tweezing my eyebrows, fixing my fro and this wonderful face of mine. hah. that's gonna be a three-hour long commitment, no doubt about it.

moving the ass.

od nemira

may 10 - insomnia inc


"you should not be awake right now" - elanor "head hbic" drake

word. I don't know what's wrong with me. I am not really nervous about the interview, since gucci has always been one of my favorite luxury brands. But also since I, in my insomniac state of mind, just spent two hours lurking their website. If anyone has suggestions on how to fall asleep, I am more than receptive to them - as long as you don't tell me to do something zen, because that's just not gonna happen. If I were ever to pick between yoga and boxing/kickboxing, the latter would most definitely be my choice!

ok, I'm gonna say goodbye to eleanor and try and go to bed.

may 10 - tralala


sorry for the rapid update before. today's schedule was a little bit more eventful than i made it out to be.
after waking up in panic at 6am (after 30 minutes of sleep), i went back to bed and didn't get up until one, leaving me two hours of studying for the PR final. i crammed like i never have before, and went to my last mass persuasion and propaganda class where we enjoyed pizza and some good laughs. i loooove sal, amazing professor. i also called to check my placement test score - placed in beginner two. i am kind of pleased with that result, seeing as i have been completely liberated from anything remotely spanish for four years.

our PR professor liked our project design, thank you david. and said that he expected the content to be as good - i am not hesitating that is the case. met up with kayla and eleanor for coffee and some bobsting. ended up att "breakfast for dinner" in one of the dining halls, where we did exactly what the name of the event suggests - had eggs, bacon and muffins at midnight. haha, finals week..

i just finished watching 90210 and gossip girl. and no, i am not embarrassed to confess that, since they are a stress relief. in other words, i can just relax those tiny braincells of mine for an hour a week - seems fair to me?

tomorrow is a big day. information interview with the woman from gucci's ebusiness department. but, before that i am hitting the gym, leaving a paper and writing my last final paper.
now, it's time for this hot mess to go to bed.

have a good day europe, sleep tight NYC.

bojim se da sklopim
oci snene

may 9 - oh hell YES


i am officially done with PR! and the amazing thing is that our amazing group did a fantabulous job on our campaign. i think i would go vegan for it. too bad you guys can't see it, but i will show it to you when i get it on my computer, i'll take pictures for you to partake in that divine creation of ours :)

now, it's on to the next one, with that i mean the mass persuasion and propaganda paper that is due on friday. i am going to ace it and then i am traveling all the way to connecticut to cozy it up with jovana number 2. can't wait. ohwell, after only studying for two hours for this final, i am remotely happy with the results, but it definitely reassured me that i have learned more than i thought i had.

over and out,

them happy jovanas

may 7 - waiting for tonight uhoh


jeez, i woke up really late.

after this blogpost, it's time for me to cram old jovana-style, which means being super productive in a short period of time. i am doing this, because i believe tonight is going to be worth every single ounce of anxiety that's gonna be present in my body tomorrow :)

gameplan: study, workout, groceries & wine, anna's for pregame and then lavo :)
have a great saturday night my beloved!


back to

may 7 - pajama mama


placement exam, bobst, air, bobst, air, bobst, candy, home, food, chips, lincoln lawyer, orange nail polish.
and all i completed was one article and one e-mail, which means that tomorrow and (supposedly hungover) sunday has to be extremely productive. but, i'm done on friday and for all that i know, i am capable of pulling many sequential allnighters when needed.

here's a pic that pretty much explains today's sentiment for you guys.
it's time for me to get to bed. i have shit to do and a butt to work out.
jovs is coming tomorrow, wootwoot :)

so much love
you take from me

may 6 - two weeks


today is D day. why? placement test in spanish. haha, not over-dramatic or anything..
at least it's nothing to be worried about, seeing as i can't really study or prepare for it.

after that, it's strawberry festival AND (pampampaaam) frappuccino happy hour at starbucks begins today :D
way to make people healthy new york.. then, i have a meeting with my PR group, studying for my final, going to the gym and then sleeping. the sleeping part definitely needs to happen. i have some kind of a massive headache/migraine. blah.

wish me luck!

ain't no sunshine
when she's gone

may 5 - drinko de mayo


new yorkers definitely hate me when i walk down the street. tourists, on the other hand, love me.
you know why?
i smile!

had an amazing two and a half hour gym workout, there's a glimpse of muscle on my body right now and by august there's not gonna be a glimpse of anything except for muscle :)

today is cinco de mayo or drinko de mayo. we thought we'd make it interesting by introducing "estudio de mayo." that's how fun we're gonna have today. but you know what? in a week, i'm done! so it's definitely worth missing some margaritas.

have a good day,
time for me to get to work!

opa nina nina naj
nina naj naj

may 4 - think tanks


there's something beautiful about NYC subways. they're an inevitable part of every new yorkers life, unless you can boss around your own driver that is. personally, they inspire me to enjoy me. simply me and my culturally diverse ipod in one universe that no one can ever reach. just me and my music.

they let me think without acknowledging all opinions and thoughts of surrounding people. they let me be myself and smile my silly smile to everyone on the subway without asking why i am smiling or why i am not. they let me delve deeper and be more content than i can ever be with any person in the world. just me and my music.

they give me an outlet to be human and breathe, to relax my overly tense shoulders and freak out about my own future, internally. subways are my ideal think tanks, requiring nothing but me and my music.

the think tanks tell me that i am happy,
not because i am trying to repress my "depression" or anything of the like,
but because today on the subway, i realized that is what i am.
i am a happy bitch.

may 4 - grey skies, good music


you know the silly people smiling at their screen looking like they're speaking to the love of their lives or just got something? well, i'm one of those and let me tell you that neither the former nor the latter has anything to do with my smile. it's music - the perfect music at the perfect time.

greek just always does it for me.
i don't know if it is about the memories or if it is just that i have a slight language-obsession?

while i head to class, you guys enjoy panos kiamos.

may 3 - temporary self-proclaimed serenity


hoho, revolutionary feelings in my body - tiredness. thus, i proclaimed a serene night after "slaying the dragon" at the gym for two hours. time to get to some e-mails and then i've decided i am going to honor my A by a good 6 hours of sleep. i'm telling you - something's really weird, i'm sleeping!

over and out,

epitome of
today's perfect mood

may 3 - student high


i am currently high on the drug called "A." for once, i'm actually proud of myself as well. i worked my ass off for this global media and international law paper and apparently, didn't have a single typo or bad argument.

not everyday you get to hear that from the director of your department :)
tripping as i was, i walked back to the dorm with the biggest smile on my face and decided it was time to relax for a bit. i started flipping through pictures from my three years in the US and it still amazes me how much everything has changed. almost nothing is the same way it used to be, for the better of course!

i am already done with two classes! i cannot believe that a year is at NYU is almost over. a freaking year? i feel like i just tripped on a banana peal and reality hit me in the head - or the crowdsurfing maniac from the other day..
well, it is definitely time for me to take a half hour nap, print my paper and head up to class to finish the third class of this semester. next week is the last week!!

18 days.

may 2 - ground hero!


around 11pm last night, it first appeared on my newsfeed, followed by a twitter-feed confirmation redirecting me to the jacked up huffington post and finally obama's confirming speech: "osama bin laden is dead"

after processing the assassination of a national enemy, i realized that i could not not go to ground zero and join the celebrations. as we were walking down broadway, we approached the youthful group chanting "USA USA USA!"

joy, laughter and national pride was overtaken by idiotic crowdsurfing and traffic-light climbing. nonetheless, it was a huge step in the "war against terrorism." it was also the first one.

more pics here
the land of the freeeee and
the home of the braaaaaaaaaaaaave

may 1 - happy mayday


sipping on my coffee (per usual), struggling against the impossible - i.e. finding a well-priced apartment in NYC for next semester. skyped with my parents, aunt and uncle this morning. their mere skype-aura carries striking enthusiasm and is very motivating at that.

i cannot believe that i woke up at nine this morning, on my own! something revolutionary is happening in this body of mine and i would give my left hand to know wtf it is. haha.
on another note, the winners of best fall/winter collections '11-12 are:

  • Balmain, for their amazing use of fabric and combining it in the most interesting, yet perfect ways (and for keeping rocknroll trendy)

false;" href="">

  • The king's new queen - Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen for her amazing use of fur in ways never before imagined, for creating a collection like no other and for defining the ace in "lace"

oh, snap! i just got another A :D
20 days.

april 30 - ecstasy


it has been a great day in the neighborhood - bobst that is. i just love my little crew, regardless of our many personal quirks! today was "intervention" day and it was reassuring to see what great group of friends we are. you all should be jealous if you ever see us walking down the street. the fab fierce LOUD friends :)

anyways, the rest of the day was spent smiling at my screen on which greek music has been playing all day. this was followed by an afternoon of enjoying the many versions of aqua's barbie girl available on youtube. such a shame, did no one ever tell you that a remake is never as good as the original? obviously, i planned to go to the gym at 8, which also happened to be the time it closes - fail.

now, for your enjoyment,
come on barbie let's go party.

i can't believe i was seven when singing about someone
"undressing me everywhere" ...


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