march 30 - snoop woof


one more informational interview done. stacy rosenberg (has worked as the production manager for disney) answered a lot of my questions and now i am starting to feel like i am actually heading in the right direction. woot!

back to the topic, the woofing man snoop d-o-double-g. eleanor won some tickets for his live performance at the late show (dave letterman) and we went there to see him and shake our bootys (not that much). after standing in line for about an hour and listening to some guys about the west coast east coast beef, the line started moving. we got in and the atmosphere was amazing, excluding the drunk girls that sang without knowing one single word of the songs. three booty-popping girls (ohyes, that much), willie nelson and a tribute to nate dogg (literally a dog) were also featured on stage.

while dropping it like it was hot and rolling down the street,
we managed to take some photos of mr. westcoastpride and here they are.

bday girl had a blast!
(and so did I)

march 30 - who am i pt II


hoohoo, my life is moving fast forward this whole week. today looks something like this:
class - readings - class - meeting - gym - groceries - writing - sleep.

to the "who i am" test.
the test is called the "Strong Interest Inventory" and it pretty much tries to lead you in the right direction. or, i guess, tries to focus your thoughts. your results tell you what occupational themes that fit you best, your top five interest areas, your top ten occupations, and a personal style scale preference. mine are as follows:

Highest Themes
  • Enterprising - interests: business, politics, leadership, entrepreneurship. work: selling, managing, persuading, marketing. potential skills: verbal ability, ability to motivate and direct others. values: risk taking, status, competition, influence
  • Artistic - interests: self-expression, art, appreciation, communication, culture. work: composing music, performing, writing, creating visual art. potential skills: creativity, musical ability, artistic expression. values: beauty, originality, independence, imagination.
  • Conventional - interests: organization, data management, accounting, investing, information, systems. work: setting up procedures and systems, organizing, keeping records, developing computer applications. potential skills: ability to work with numbers, data analysis, finances, attention to detail. values: accuracy, stability, efficiency

Top Five Interest Areas
  1. Sales
  2. Social Sciences
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Athletics
  5. Finance and Investing
Top Ten Strong Occupations
  1. Paralegal
  2. Purchasing Agent
  3. Restaurant Manager
  4. Flight Attendant
  5. Life Insurance Agent
  6. Reporter
  7. Retail Sales Manager
  8. Retail Sales Representative
  9. Buyer
  10. Travel Consultant

Personal Style Scale Preferences
  • You are likely to prefer working with people
  • You seem to prefer to learn by doing and through lectures and books
  • You probably prefer to lead by taking charge
  • You may like taking risks
  • You probably enjoy both team roles and independent roles

it's so funny. everyone that knows me knows that this is me - in words. so for all of you that want to be my friends - read and learn. haha. snoop dogg pics tonight! he was amazing live, disgustingly amazing. i have never been a huge fan of him, but last night i left the place even liking his braids (ayayay)

have an amazing day.

best part of
last night. i have the video live, maybe i will share it.
maybe not, only time can tell :)
say what? say what?

march 29 - live from the late show


waiting for snoop with some drunkass girls "shaking" their non-existent bootys..
snoop - come out come out wherever you are? ;) woff.

drop it like its hot!

march 29 - who am i?


remember how i told you that i was going to take a test to determine "who i am?"
haha, well it is taken and i have the results. the problem is that i don't have time to discuss it now - class in five minutes. and i am gonna go see the recording of snoop dogg at the david letterman show later :)

stay tuned for pics and the answer to who i really am.


march 28 - play and win


finished the timeline for history of comm while having my morning coffee.

this week: career advising meeting, creating a draft for a final project, writing two papers, a lot of skype, eleanor's bday celebration, meeting with my boss for StudyAdvantage.
run away with me to my beautiful world!

you know you are happy in life when you wake up and all you want to do is dance all over the dorm.
time for class :)

it's tragic,
if sun is your only magic

march 28 - F.A.M.E


forgiving all my enemies
fans are my everything

anger management. hot stud. domestic abuser. ugly blonde. stylish. heavily tatted. good dancer.
call him whatever you want, his new album is on fire!

and here it is.
enjoy and goodnight :)

i would never give
it up

march 27 - beat obsessions


almost finished with my skype-date sunday tradition. only linda left and then i'll be good to go :)
meanwhile, i'm enjoying romanian house beats and smiling for myself.


and then we have the whole playlist
yaa bb, ya bb
ya bb

march 26 - textile statements


study break: 50 pages down, 50 to go.
last night i pulled an "i'm married!" guess if it worked? nope.
brainiac here put the ring on the wrong finger.

"married? wrong hand girl, don't even try"
that's how much i know about marriage customs.
oh, at least we got a good laugh.
a very good laugh. in quartet.

back to studying!

you'll never get to love me

march 26 - 1ofakind


i had an awesome night at 1O(f)AK(ind) last night with my visiting friends and anchi :)

prior to 1oak, we actually tried pacha last night. big mistake.
i mean, i've seen grindin and whinin on the dancefloor, but this ... one girl was bending over in front of a guy and made such a "strong" booty pop that he flew into a pole. skills?

1oak was amazing though. if you enjoy good hiphop, rnb and a good crowd, this is the perfect spot. it is kind of a "late place" - if you want to escape the lines, arrive before 1am.
but, once again we managed to have a bad experience with swedish people.
i don't understand you. because you have a table doesn't mean you "own" the dancefloor.
please take your focus off of being rude and place it on having fun at your table instead.

today, i've cleaned our dorm, taken out the trash and done the dishes.
now it is time for the love of my life, mr. Coffee, and studying :)

don't let 'em
bring you down

march 25 - ay workieworkie


after watching the very deep, dark, devastating mystic river accompanied by wine and coke (aka bamboo), kelly and i decided to chill out with some ying yang twins and benny benassi - that's what's up in 901B.

this is to all my chilly people out there - not by heart, but by physical temperature:
if you are ever cold when you go to bed, something i've learned is that it doesn't necessarily matter how many blankets you put on, but how you put them on. in other words, wrap yourself like a sausage and you'll be fine.
lafayette turned siberiette on us, i've embraced the fact that they are never going to fix our heater.

today is working-day. can't work out because of my cold, so i'm listening to brunch music to relax.
100 pgs of reading - timeline construction - response - research topic - 30 pgs of reading.
goals for today.

when you were here,
i had no idea

march 24 - hayerr up in the ayeeer


my better half blogged about constructing the perfect hairdo,
i thought why not do the same.
people always compliment me on my perfect buns and braids.
ohyeah, perfection is definitely an understatement when it comes to my beautiful curls.

the key to success is of course the foundational glow,
the sick glow that is

the next step is to jump in the shower and revive the texture of your hair,
followed by the magic of the blow-drier

oh and ladies, don't forget to be extra sexy in case the neighbor is sneakpeaking.
you wouldn't wanna miss out on opportunities with this hair!

after the super-volume blow-drying,
walk out on the streets with pride!
put on some bruno mars and let him tell you they ain't got nothin on you.
finishing touch? smile and you'll definitely get no phone numbers.

beautiful girls,
all over the world

march 24 - flashhot hotflash


this sick-thing is not working for me anymore. it is like a nagging boyfriend - never-ending.
i plead to you my dearest immune system - do not give in.
i'm bored.

writing, hotflashing, writing, napping, writing, hotflashing.
got another midterm back with a big B. rewriting two questions for an A.
elizabeth taylor died (rip), serbia got $10 mill from russia, libya was attacked, the japanese were suffering and the israelis were harassed by the muslims - another changeless day in the global neighborhood.

they say ABC is as easy as one two three,
i wonder if they ever went to college?


march 22 - love and other drugs


in other words - coffee and theraflu.

there's no more denying this fact: i am sick again.
after getting a 79% on one test and 100% on a paper, i am downing theraflu in a stomach filled with about a pound of grapes, enjoying serbian melodies playing on youtube. multitask is my middle name.

never buy this theraflu.
you have 10-15 minutes to drink 8 fl oz of a way too sweet berry mix. fail.
i'd rather have a fewer ounces of more effective disgusting meds. fact.

ja i dalje kao malena malena

march 22 - midterms part II


why so happy you might ask?
jess is moving here in a couple of months,
i got an A on my PR presentation,
and was described as "confident," "passionate," and "well-informed" by my fellow classmates.

one midterm down, three more to go and i'm planning on finishing them all smiles (and all As hopefully.) cheesy as it sounds, NYU is reason enough for most of those smiles. xo

idi idi nesanice,
da ne vidim tvoje lice

march 19 - back in the juicy apple


what a springbreak! three days of relaxing followed by three days of forgetting that relaxation ever existed. perfect mix, perfect match, perfect break. nonetheless, i am happy i am back and getting back into my fast life routines. sorry i haven't been the most active blogger this past week, life just got in the way.

i will give you details another day,
but for now i need to get on top of my PR knowledge for the awaiting midterm on monday!
write you (and post pics) later,

la la la

march 14 - beach time


woke up around 9:30, felt like an intern at "LA life" making a coffee run to wake up. but, now we're ready to hit the beach, urth caffe, trader joe's etc. :) it's a sunny day in the hood, and we're all good


samo ovo nismo smeli

march 12 - haalivuud


breakfast at cpk at 1pm, watched the last kiss, gym for two hours, quick shower, red bull run to ralphs and now ms. schumaher, as seen in the pic below is taking us to annas where we are party rocking baby!
colony re-run tonight, meeting our fave promoters and I can't wait to have a perfect night with my perfect ladies.

the outfit is yet to be chosen.

march 12 - my la la land


back from the first night in la la land.
yes, you read it, i'm in los angeles!
i never sleep, you should know that - i was on a plane.

and noow, i'm here. got here late last night. stayed up talking with sandy, olja and jovs.
passed out in sandy's heaven (bed) and woke up.. so, you know how i always write about how much schoolwork i have? well, this morning, sandy woke me up. and what do i do?

not normal.

after that little trip, we took a trip to downtown, shoeshopping. hara was next, where i surprised my swedish lovies and we had a little reunion a la santa monica college crew :) baked salmon roll slinked down like a charm. after four changes of clothes we hit the town. that part of town called hollywood, colony to be more specific. awesome music. perfect group. very sober. re-run tomorrow, minus the sober part. but first, gym and urth caffe!


i want you to take
over control

march 10 - springbreak WO!


it's here: the never-ending excuse for fucking up, the week where everything is forgiven (and forgotten), the week no one remembers - spring breeaaak. wooo.

yawn. before any of that happens or doesn't.
i am taking a thirty hour nap!
and all you college students

the moon
is the limit

march 8 - oh happy day


women's day and all - of course that makes me happy. haha, not (necessarily).
the day started early with global media and international law, talking about a doctor that had implanted goat glands in men as some type of viagra (crazies). gym for two hours, trader joe's again and now i'm home, smiling like i'll never smile again. hah! (so much studying to do that i wanna just close my eyes and nap. and maybe that's what i'll do. but just for an hour.)

wish me luck with the napping,
usually i need three hours to recover from one,
in bed.

and i wonder why people ask
if i sleep enough?
nije od

march 8 - happy international women's day


beautiful girls all over the world:
happy celebration day, 100 years and counting.

be happy
that you can cry while watching a movie without being called a sissy
that you can be sexy in an oversize shirt, sweats, or a plastic bag
that you can overanalyze everything from a drink to love
that you have a monthly excuse for indulging in sweets
that you don't have to wake up with an erection
that you can wear dresses, skirts and heels
that you can carry and give life
that you can wear make up
that you have a period
that you are beautiful
that you are you
that you are a woman.

good presentation, good mood,
good day, good woman
back to goebbels
and hitler

march 7 - the coffee sea


hello midterm week!
one presentation and two midterms is what i am in for and i am already tired.

i have a PR presentation today; wednesday, a mass persuasion and propaganda exam; and on thursday a global media and international law exam. after that i will take bring my swerbian ass home and sleep all day long - without feeling guilty, because it's gonna be springbreak (WOOO).

but, as for this week, the importance of coffee is emphasized. repeatedly.
breakfast is served.

wasting my time
in the waiting line

march 6 - crampz


woke up two hours after i went to bed, freaking out that i had overslept. but no. went back to bed and woke up to skype with the best parents in the world - mine that is.

the gym was next on the schedule and i got out of it disgustingly fresh. didn't feel like spinning was a good idea, cramps and all considered, instead i went on the elliptical for forty minutes. waiting for eleanor, i got stuck watching the beginning of the heat-bulls game. then, trader joe's and my debit card collaborated in providing me with food.

now, time for a shower
before i go HAM on my books.
have a perfect sunday,

i know i led you to believe that you were the one,
but i'm sorry to say - i'm not in love

march 6 - womanized


sometimes being a woman is wonderful. especially when it is clarified in the wrong moments - splendid.
today i did work, worked out, did work, watched a movie with kels, and did work again.
i like organized days :)

tomorrow is another of those.
knowing that it starts in approximately five hours,
i should probably go to bed.
good night.

everyone that personally knows me,
this is the mood i'm in

when i'm down, i draw
strength from you

march 5 - i got myself falling in love


stuck with my books and a cup of coffee.
why make it boring when you can just put on some house music and pretend you're in greece? (i wish)

baby make your move,
step across the line

march 4 - politically correct studying


technically, we did study, in a discussion sesh about everything from israel, to kosovo, to america.
practically, we drank wine and had chipotle.
with this song, i wish you all a pleasant and enjoyable night.

nothing is real

march 4 - undergraduate conference


NYU's Media, Culture and Communication department hosted their undergraduate conference at Tribeca Cinemas today. the event was amazing, starting off with breakfast and coffee, followed by a speech by Focus Features' CEO James Schamus, who has worked on movies like Brokeback Mt and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (and is professor at the other NYC uni that we don't talk about..). A representative was next, speaking about the evolution of web tv. after a good catered lunch, our honors students spoke about their various theses ranging from harry potter to sarah palin as ways of communication. the conference ended with an alumni panel consisting of Cheryl Family (brand strategist at MTV networks), Seth Fradkoff (director of publicity at sony pictures entertainment), Jessica Quimby (editor at giaronomo productions), and Matt Finkelstein (talent associate for Saturday Night Live and 30 ROCK).

pretty impressive group of people and damn did they increase my motivation with their great advice :)
to celebrate this day, it is time for chipotle, red red wine, and some severe studying.
midterms week next week - i will ace you.

gotta run,
party hard - study harder.

= sarah palin?

march 3 - bananaz


daring as i am, i walked to school without a jacket this morning,
to find my fingers blue when stepping into the classroom.
my self-pride can be hurtful at times.

worked out for two hours with els, went to trader joe's to get fruit and enjoyed a cup of think coffee before heading back to laf - this time, in sunshine :) since then, i've eaten and as i was about to jump into the shower, no water? freaked out for a second thinking that i was going to walk around all sticky icky all day. so i ate a banana to deal with the situation.

the pipes just made some sounds, i suppose that's a shower calling.
write you later,
time to get fresh (and so clean clean)

you are
my passion

march 2 - muscle milk


now i know where my motivation went. you know those periods of time in which you forget that you are actually a person that has needs? well, welcome to my last couple of months. all i needed was one workout session to figure that out.

aah, i have definitely gotten my motivation back. it didn't hurt that i found the hiding place of NYUs straight men. now, time for global media and international law coupled with some pomegranate delicious white tea, rocketeers and moments for life.

a girl should be two things
happy and confident

march 2 - titanic.jov


wadup wadup?
three minutes to class. 8 hours of sleep in three days, fueling on a diet of coffee, coffee, and coffee.
later, it's time for me to get my butt to the gym for the first time in seven months. wish me luck. or no, actually wish me non-distruction :)

now, time for some political propaganda.
stay tuned for the update on the condition of my muscles tonight.


february 28 - hectic


the beauty of uni-life. officially blogging during break - score; ran to class in the rain without an umbrella because i refuse to carry one; had a way too fast lunch with anna at cafetasia leading to the current stomach cramps i am "suffering" from; have two essays to write until wednesday and three midterms to take next week. after this, i am going home and cramming like it's nobody's business.

my outfit for today definitely fits. school-girl heey.
have a good night. i'm spending it with my boys
- goebbels, ellul et. al.

moje cupavo

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