june 30 - fun tea?


if you asked me two years ago, i would never have guessed that i would be lying here in my bed right now with a book on my righthand side and a cup of vanilla tea (!) on my lefthand side. i don't know whether to laugh or cry, to celebrate or mourn. i guess i just kinda grew up? alright, i don't want to lead you on, i matured a little bit :)

long day at work today, pretty empty since they're digging up the street in front of our entrance.. before going back home to eat, we went on our walk (which surprisingly became a run) around the lake :)

now, i just got back from wishing my bestest lindi a safe flight and a great time in chicago. i won't be seeing her until august 2, and that time - in kallithea :D can't wait. the place is just magical. magically wonderfully crazy and relaxing. contradicting? you'll believe it when you see it.

time for me to read my novel - "elsas mode" (elsa's fashion). ironically about a swedish girl that moved to new york to fulfill her dreams, but something went wrong in her attempt to live the fashion-elite life in the midst of manhattan's fashion people. i'll keep you posted.


june 28 - typewriter


alicia keys compares men to typewriters, while beyonce is schooling life and i'm expecting a guest :)

"bonbooonz, dodz na caj? :)"
"eto me za 20 :P"

it's as easy as that when you have good friends! work was great today, a lot to do and a lot of new, fresh clothing. one of the pieces of clothing we got delivered today were beige/grey/black leopard-printed harem pants - IN LOVE. but also many cute transparent tops - perfect for summer trips to the beach or to avoid sweaty party-nights as much as possible :)

after work, sandy and i went on our standard three mile walk and then proceeded to enjoy dad's cooking. all jokes aside, my dad can cook and he actually likes doing it - preps. husband-to-be FEEL THE PRESSURE!

gothenburg this weekend for a friends bday celebration. gotta love being able to drive from city to city in less than five hours. i miss new york, my bros and hoes. but september is just around the corner - believe me.

chill-mode on,

i'm schooling

june 22 - definitely maybe


lunch-time, just had meself a piece of meat (literally.) and decided that i almost know which glasses i want!

robyn is doing her thing and the customers are shopping down in the boutique. we are hosting our summer-sale so there's a lot to do. half off almost all of the clothes - so you girls that wanna get great quality (and styled) clothing for cheap - get your butts to smedjegatan 9 in jöönköööping :) it's straight across from the entry to the "passagen" mall and diagonally from friskis&svettis.

later, sis and i are going to an event hosted by a man with CP who has made his way through life. among other things he is one of the two swedes with CP that drive a car and manage their own lives - very impressive.
time for me to get back to work.

write you later,

i'm in love with

june 20 - HELP!!


OK, i have a major crisis(ish). i need your help to choose the right pair of glasses, which i apparently need pretty badly..

number one - rounded:

number two - squared:

number three - rounded, but squared on top

please help me by commenting

june 20 - what about it?


the weeknd crept up on me.
good music, perfect friends, alcohol, rumors, cigarettes, laughter, stunning outfits.
we just love to be who we are :)

sandy and i went out with our assyrian boys on saturday. pre-gamed at our place, joined the standard crowd at the place everyone loves to hate - centrum - drunkate at mickey d's, then went straight to bed. i think we all woke up feeling pretty awesome on sunday? nikola and dane made a pitstop, turned sleep-over, on their way to malmö yesterday.

the boys dropped me off at my doctor's appointment this morning and continued their journey. so did i, to mom's boutique. i am currently waiting for the clock to strike 10:30 so i can go check my sight and then go for a run. not very excited for that check-up to be honest. glasses just don't suit me.
enough said.

time for you to eat your eyes out.


june 18 - i hereby declare you obliged


to listen to this song!

great night with the guys. so silly, so easy, so drama-less. just gotta love it :)
we decided to stay in instead of going to a local bday party. good decision, although i hope people had fun at the party as well. four glasses of wine later, it's time for me to go to bed and recharge for tomorrow's workday.

open your hand,
take a glass

june 17 - get up


coffee in one hand and a massive amount of thoughts in the other.
regardless of my roller-coaster period mood, i have been thinking a lot these last couple of days.

i went running with my energized bunny sister this morning, but my elephant-leaps combined with my pollen allergy didn't really help my thought-process or the cleansing of my mind. anyyyways, time for work in two hours so these thoughts better get the fuck out of my head. no self-destructive thoughts or anything, just random thoughts. but way too many at the same time - that's what's annoying me. just let me enjoy my vacay? thanks.

party tonight, don't know if i'm going. if a better suggestion of night-time activities comes up, the party invitation is declined on my part. blah. gotta go take a shower and think some more!

ja jag rimmar på,
från jönken nivå

june 15 - baby got TIGHT back


babysis got home, hotter than ever and more cake-loving than ever.
just look at these pics.

i'm happier than a kid on christmas that my family is reunited. sandy's bday marks the start of a great summer: family dinner followed by a cozy girls night in our beloved basement :)

you wanna be
high for this

june 15 - obradobitch junior is coming home!


i'm sitting in my aunt's serene kitchen overlooking some flowers with coffee on the righthand side and my breakfast on the lefthand side. i'm also catching up on some new rnb music (it's been way too long), while dealing with visa and other international scholar issues.

tonight is going to be a good night. my sister is coming home from her own home - la la land :) can't wait to smother her with hugs and kisses, haha. until then, i'm taking a jovana-morning, which includes a lot of pampering and egoism. later on, i'm heading to the best kotur family in the world to spend the afternoon there and then off we go to the airport to welcome babysis.

last night was real cozy. spent a lot of time with my aunt, sipping on red red wine and talking about everything. we also managed to cut some hair and i even watched a serbien soccer-movie: "montevideo, bog te video". it didn't hurt that the actors (and actresses for that matter) were smoooking hot. oh, and fun fact, a guy i know suddenly appeared on the screen portraying one of the soccer players :D

it's time for me to take a shower now.
and, i promise, pics from barca will be posted on here very soon.


june 11 - live from barcelona!


let's just say we haven't been the luckiest with the weather. today, scheduled to be our only "touristy" day, was a huge failure. due to the massive amount of water that decided to pour from the supposedly blue heaven today, we only managed to see the cathedral, el barrio gotico, la rambla and la boqueria. the remainder of the day was dedicated to running from restaurant to restaurant, meal to meal and drink to drink. honestly, we didn't really have a choice. the day was also finished accordingly - 528 course seafood meal and a lot of wine. barcelona will be revisited many times if i have a say. i love this town, no matter how gray or wet (wet being an understatement in this case).

tomorrow is a big day - baptism day.
in other words, i have to go to bed.
baptism day is also opium day - not the drug, the club.
i love my family!

i hope you're enjoying yourselves as much as i am.

under my umbrella,
ella ella ee ee eee

june 7 - looong weekend


oh jeez. i am currently drinking coffee in a pathetic attempt to recover from this long, rough and amazingly fun weekend in stockholm. let's just say i didn't get a slow start - after an almost three-hour drive, i came in through my cousins' front door and all i was asked was "are you ready?"

upon my confused response, our journey started at stockholm "south" where we drank some rosé and chilled the f out. ended up at olssons skor where we managed to get a big amount of Swedes to dance Serbian folklore with us. ain't no thaang. the place was empty, but assisted by a great DJ and an even better crew, it became a great night.

sunday started slooow, "fika" for two hours with dule, hari and liddy, and then it was time to get ready again! straightened our fro's, got in the car and steered towards the greek partiii. food, drinks, good music, fun people, resulted in "no alcohol left" and another trip to olssons, which happened to be just around the corner. this time, the DJ sucked and was uncooperative and reluctant to change the music from the disliked "twist and shout" and diverse elvis presley songs.

yesterday, it took me a while to get the courage to drive back home. after breakfast at "liddys" and chillaxing for many hours. me and my travel partner, antonela, started our journey back home to little, rotten småland. after a stop at mickie ds, i got back home and fell asleep. promise to give you some pictures later today or tomorrow.

hocu samo tebe
za tebe samo znam!

june 2 - oops i did it again..


.. i failed to update, got lost IRL, oh baby baby (haha..)

home has been great.
no nights spent at home, out all the time, meeting friends, drinks outside, parties with 40+-year-olds, laughing, working ten-to-seven etc. :)

i'm definitely getting rested but i miss the stress in new york, no joke. if i go outside at a weird time in my town, there's not gonna be a single soul outside, dead or alive. conversely, in NYC, the weirdest times hold the most people :D anyways, i don't know what to write. it's hard to summarize a whole week when i haven't been updating this little journal of mine. but i promise i'm gonna get better. especially for my hbics (headbitchesincharge) currently on the other side of the atlantic sea!

all i can say is that there's not a lot to write about, no new loves lost or found, no revolutionary events and no embarrassments on my part - yet. this weekend, i'm going to stockholm to attend a greek party and hopefully find my husband-to-be, or just pretend to know how to dance their dances!

i'll write you later,

na balkanu lude noci, LUDE CURE

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