july 25 - heyhey VACAY


sorry for the bad updating, or rather lack thereof. but i'm on vacation and i really don't have aaany urge to sit here by my computer and write you about my days, who i'm seeing and not seeing, who's loving me and who's hating me. all you need to know is that i'm having a fantastic time with family and friends, enjoying life, attended one baptism and one wedding, been traveling around serbia and on wednesday our journey continues to kallithea, greece :)

i might blog when i get back from greece, but don't hold your breath.

i'd definitely
do me.

july 14 - stress ooohyes


so, while many freak out due to stress, i feel motivated, fresh and think it's exciting to be stressed. don't get me wrong, i don't want to stress each and every day of my life. but sometimes, i think it's good and rejuvenating for our young souls. fyi, i love stickies.

gotta go, peace out.

july 14 - clicks


work today was pretty boring. too much construction work outside.. i actually admire the people who even consider walking down that street. it's horrible.. however, for more info on new clothes, discounts etc. visit us on facebook HERE!

the day went on with a walk around the lake, this time ebba joined us :) after a quick pancake-to-go stop at grandpa's, i grabbed my keys and went to dona's place. we sat in her kitchen for almost three hours talking about everything and nothing. i just love the way we click (past aside). a new dojo date is set up in august when i get back from serbia and greece. then, we're switching it up - taking it from pastries to interior decoration! to be continued.

nevertheless, that wasn't when my night ended. i drove to suza's to watch just go with it and have some tea. great day overall and now i'm going to bed earlier than ever this summer. i need it to survive tomorrow!!

god showed me bad people to later bless me with the best of people - A M E N.
sleep tight my sheep and devils.

još su mi usne umorne,
i sve što kažem znaš da nije

july 13 - wizards


believe it or not - i liked the last harry potter movie. however, i cannot help it but laugh when they take out their wands and discuss "wand law." as with any other 3D movie, it is always fun to play with the swag-glasses.

time for me to sleep, another long day awaits tomorrow. and.. finding out that i technically don't have a place to stay in NY since they raised our rent doesn't make the situation any better. hopefully, we can figure it out soon :)

sleep tight,

pants - monki
tank - saint tropez
short sleeved knit - urban outfitters
chain - don't remember..
lipstick - mom's old 

july 12 - hokus pokus


guess what i'm doing tonight? or, actually, don't guess because it's so not me!
suzi and i are going to go watch the last harry potter movie tonight. i'm gonna have to believe in magic for a night, but that's A okay. maybe harry could hokus pokus a frog, aka a prince-to-be to me? we'll just have to see.

pink is the theme - pink nails and lips. and obviously, my pants put some grrr in it and my chain just make it tutto completo jovana obradovic.

gotta go,
don't want to keep harry waiting now do we?


july 11 - brain zero


sometimes, the similarities between my coke zero and me are striking. much like the drink has zero sugar, i as well have zero of something - braincells. i decided it would be a great idea to stay at ashor's until five. knowing that i had to get up three hours after that, it wasn't really the brightest choice of choices.

we are leaving to work in about ten minutes because our big sale starts today introducing the killer 70% off and including new merchandise in the half off section. like our facebook page to stay up to date with news, opportunities, and overall hot clothing!

the rest of the day looks as follows:
3.5 mile walk with joejoe followed by a serbian breakfast and coffee.
work from 2-6pm.
walk to the gym with ash, tan, walk back.

to celebrate the start of this week,
i will include the countdown to our vacay :)
have a great monday people!

pantz inc.

july 10 - imperfection is beauty


it's hard to describe this night in other words than "definitely maybe."
it was a beautifully disturbed mix of childhood memories, disappointments, happiness, reunions and future plans :) not your ideal night, although it did have its great moments!

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a ghost to fold and store the piled up clothes on my bed right now. obviously, that's not going to happen, so i better go take care of that and sleep well knowing that no such thing as an alarm can disturb my sleep with tonight's bed-buddy - the water bottle.

sleep tight,

can you feel the love

july 9 - ready, set


i still don't know what to wear. in an hour and ten minutes, we're supposed to be at the pregame.. hmm.. i don't think i want to show my off-shape legs, but i'm not in the mood for pants either. i wonder where this is heading. i painted my nails white. that's about all i've got figured out outfit-wise. and this is what it looks like. i'll post a pic before heading out to the biig ol' city.

ohyeah, and the pregame in itself was a piece of drama. but, now that it is time to have fun and enjoy good company, i don't have time to think about that. peace!

a gle, pala mi

july 9 - sooner than later


at times, i question the sociality of my being. i would rather socialize until five in the morning than sleep, knowing that i have to get up in a few hours and won't get enough sleep. yet, no matter how tired i am post-socializing-allnighter, i manage to never regret those nights.

last night, my uncle's wife and i opened a bottle of wine and talked for about four hours about everything and nothing. i love nights like that! i don't know if you feel this way as well, but i'm always fascinated with the stories people in their age can contribute with. life pre-computers-cellphones-etc. seemed so much more exciting and interesting. nonetheless, i would never change our day and age for anything in the world. i don't get how they kept in touch, i guess that's what fascinates me!

enough typing, time for me to go fix this disaster i call my face.

they don't want my love
they just want my potential

july 8 - :)


dinner with sandy, ebba and guzi turned into a happy reunion with the movie "drive me crazy" - the super silly teen romantic comedy featuring melissa joan hart and adrian grenier. the two ladies mentioned first went to bed and mazo joined us for some tea, discussions and laughs :) that's what i love about summer in sweden - the 24/7 lightness. it's never really dark, perfect for late night coziness!

ohwell, tomorrow starts in about five hours. better get mentally ready - it's friday!

what's the point of wasting
all of these goods?

july 7 - jessili day!


i can assure you that i haven't fallen into that old pattern of waking up before the alarm goes off. this, i realized when i overslept today - fail. anyways, after rushing to work, and staying there for four hours, i went to pick up my glasses. that was also a fail, have some paperwork to fix before i can pick them up - tomorrow that is. and, the last complain, i need to go buy bikinis. i have - one and a half..

i'm currently tanning in my backyard, chillax to the max, feels great. although i won't get a tan, i will become pink. could colorblock with anything i put on my body then - score. time for me to go back and work on my pinkness.
ebba and guza are coming over tonight :) in other words, i'm not promising another entry today. but, only time can tell.

last, but not least, happy birthday to my own blair waldorf, jessili rosenquist :) we met almost three years ago and fell in love. haha, or not. i was the swedish chick in gina tricot clothes and she was the chick with the stockholm accent. ever since, we talk once a day, support each other, put each other into places we sometimes don't want to be in and just feel amazing together. unlike serena and blair, we don't really have the means or the lack of heart to hate-love eachother. we're jessili and jovili, jess and jov, blair and serena,, sam and carrie, damtussen and stjärnan - in other words, bffs. grattis min vackra, underbara jessili, jag hoppas du har en underbar dag i fina, förmodligen soliga, stockholm <3


july 6 - don't be scared


a lot in life happens for a reason, or actually, the superstitiousness in me says that everything happens for a reason. regardless of how true my blurry statement may be, the point is that we have only the present to live for. we don't have a past with shitty and perfect days or a future bright as the sunniest day, nor one dark and hot as hell. all we know is that we are here today. i'm writing my blog, you're reading it. cherish every moment you have in the now, every person, every action, every feeling - simply cherish everything today, because in ne-yo's words "we might not get tomorrow."

got up all by myself at 7:14 this morning. i'm dreading that i've gotten into the same pattern as in new york - you know, waking up before my alarm makes me want to throw my phone in the wall? anyways, i decided to make the best out of it and went for a 45 minute powerwalk with romanian house blasting through my headphones :) it felt great. it was a good way to clear my head and, who knows, i might just make it a little ritual of mine - i'll keep you posted! it's time for me to devour the rest of my oatmeal, chug my coffee and get ready for work!

and yeah, watch water for elephants.

i'll forgive
and forget

july 5 - obvious


you might wanna be high to believe in it, you might think you have it, you might hate it, heck, you might even love it. trust is fucked up in its natural state, still people feel the need to add to its fucked-up-ness.


july 4 - happy USAday!


it's sad to admit it, but the skies are as grey as i am today.

but, better days are to come. much better! in eleven days, sis and i are getting the heck out of here. on july 15th we're packing up our stuff for a five week trip through serbia leading to our final stop - kallithea, greece. can't wait to be surrounded by happy people and happy faces :)

the weekend was great. i worked on saturday and then it was time for me to drive up to gothenburg, where one of our closest friends celebrated her 23rd birthday. it was great. not a huge crowd, but great conversations, even better laughs, rough bitchslaps (!) and a perfect night overall! just what i needed.

while driving, i wore a top from topshop, pants from monki and a vintage leather belt, accompanied by baglady accessories. a quick change of top and belt resulted in a somewhat more partyish outfit. this time with a top from saint tropez, old belt (actually a necklace), and a bracelet from h&m.

happy fourth of july my fellow americans.
i wish you a great day of burgers, fries and american apparel,
followed by a perfect night getting loose with the goose!

aj leleleleej
idemo na sve!

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