december 18 - why aren't I surprised?


i have now been at heathrow in 8 and a half hours. staring at this:

okok, i guess it's a nice tree and all. but nothing is nice for 8 and 1/2 hours - almost nothing. the reason for the delay was a seat malfunction when we were supposed to take off from JFK. the plane was full and since no one got enticed by the upgrade + $400 award for switching flight to one that left only 20 minutes later (could only have handluggage), we were stuck for about an hour. before we even arrived to heathrow, they announced that most of us were going to have to rebook our tickets...

this also means that when i arrive in sweden (when i hopefully do), i will have been traveling for 24 hours. so fresh and so clean clean (and so pissed off). i think the universe of travel and i have a passionate lovehating relationship.

anyways, sent in a claim and managed to get some work out of the way. now, i just need to stay awake until i take my window seat and doze off. pray i don't snore. thanks.


still doesn't feel like
finals week is over...

Postat av: pappa

du kom hem i alla fall och jag är glad!

2011-12-19 @ 09:31:34
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