december 17 - D day


sorry for being the worst blogger ever. a lot has been on my mind lately, not to mention the amount of stress that came with finals week and work deadlines this year. and the personal stuff.

apparently, it wasn't for nothing - i have already gotten two grades: A and A-, now there's the class i'm extra worried about that is yet to be announced. but, as i told jess today, grades are so pointless if your mind is not set for gradschool. that is not to say that grades are irrelevant for your own good, if you set a goal in letters, then you should also reach that goal in letters. the question is how sound it is to set goals in letters that no one is going to look at when you get thrown out in the job market?

anyways, my past two days have been all about appreciating new york. or actually, yesterday was about being a dead starfish too tired to get up from the couch to even answer the phone. but today - today was about appreciating new york. had coffee with despi, went home and packed, and watched new year's eve with jess. after that, we tolk a short little walk, which i prolonged by getting off one subway stop too early, calling anna and going to my favorite street vendor for some grapes.

i'm all packed and ready to go. taking a cab at 2 tomorrow although my flight isn't until 6:35pm, don't want the frantic history to repeat itself for a third time and almost miss the flight again. i think it's time to step that part of the whole traveling procedure. anyways, this is how i've spent my two days of "freedom," in pics:

the dead starfish:

hästens has a great motto - too bad we have to agree to disagree

not even the bad photo from my crapberry can keep me from appreciating nyc

happy tired.girl.90 excited to go home:
see you on the other side,

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