december 11 - church


yesterday, jess and i met at starbucks, studied, played judges for her families annual gingerbread house competition, i texted with my sister and held the tears in. we then went to burger king and went our separate ways. i couldn't fall asleep until 4:30 last night. i ended up watching 6 episodes of gossip girl after finishing the studies allotted for the day. was i nervous for today maybe?

my bestest jess and i went to the serbian orthodox church today. i needed some kind of homey feeling, a feeling of being close to my family although i'm very far away. we walked in and after lighting candles for the dead and alive, we listened in on the service that suitably was about death. it was comforting and depressing at the same time. i laughed and then i cried among the furs, judgy, but loving serbs.

after a pitstop at jess's for mac and cheese, i decided to walk the 70 blocks that separate us. it felt great. relieving, relaxing, and processing. a lot has gone down this semester, in four days, this too shall pass.

time for studying, read seven chapters yesterday, four remaining.


when your heart beats,
it sings to me

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2011-12-12 @ 00:31:11
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