august 31 - the messy internationals


this whole international student thing never gets old - the annoying part of it.
i hate not being in control, i hate not being able to have a real life conversation, i hate getting everything in the mail. gaaah. tonight is just not a good night - a simple class-switch turned into a waitlisting for spanish, leaving a class about indigenous australia as the back-up. god, can't you just let me learn greek?

good but tired day today. took a last shopping-round after "powerwalking" with my boys, grabbing coffee with them, then another spontaneous coffee. the day surprisingly ended with a coffee-encounter, followed by pretty little liars, pizza and diet coke.

i thought this was gonna be one of the few good-night-sleeps i have per year, but no. this just blew it all. i emailed four people in charge so i hope that that's gonna work out and that they can help me. NYU is pretty good at that, so i'm gonna stay positive and wait for tomorrow afternoon to check my mail and hopefully there will be a department consent for me to take elementary modern greek.

aahh, time to put on some the weeknd and anthony hamilton and make myself sleep.

bathroom-photo - C.L.A.S.S.Y.
"tebi je lako otici,
jer sve si odnela"

august 30 - housewarming


this weekend started with grabbing a coffee with mazo and laughing our asses off, followed by a ladies night with my bestest polle and her bigsis. it felt so great seeing her again, since we haven't seen each other since greece and she just moved to linköping where she is gonna study for the next three years.

on saturday we took a one-night trip to stockholm and our cousins. partially because we were invited to the party and wanted to see everyone, and partially to hang out with our cousins. the saturday started with a delish barbeque, soccer-videos and then ended at emi's fabulous place with food (again), the world's best cinammon buns, good drinks and better people :) we got home about five am and then it was time for the standard soccer-sunday that you just can't seem to avoid when you go to my cousins :P

right now i'm waiting for the men to call so we can go on a walk and then grab breakfast together :)
only three days left until i'm sitting on that plane with the destination "new york"

by the way, we have the most awesome colored jeans in the store - mustard, purple, dark-blue, gray and black. only 349:- and too comfy! (see below)

gotta run, mazo just texted!

guze dole

august 26 - sun, sun, where is the fun?


waiting for mazo to call so we can go out for coffee. i really feel like doing something else tonight, but no one else does. so, that's that. i'm just gonna guilty pleasure myself after a shitty day and pretend that the little sun i got today, five minutes, actually gave me a tan..

and i say, fuck the beauty you don't believe in.

time for coffee!

august 26 - Jofama by Kenza Now in Store!


i am happy to inform you that the fabulous leather-creations have now been delivered and can be found at Saint Tropez Jönköping on Smedjegatan 9, in Jönköping. you're very welcome to come visit us, try and buy :)

and, it's friday. which means that i'm leaving in exactly one week.
this summer was fast five part II - weird feeling.

ohwell, gotta go get ready.
hope everyone is great,

get it,
before someone else does!

august 26 - walls


just got back home from suzas. it's sad to say, but pretty little liars is going to accompany gossip girl and 90210 in my little guilty pleasure pile. prior to pretty little liars, i spoke ugly big truths with my beloved joejoe at a local coffeeshop.

before i go - tomorrow we are officially introducing Jofama by Kenza as one of the brands that can be found at Saint Tropez Jönköping. are you searching for the perfect leather jacket or chunk knit this fall?
come come come, you won't be disappointed!

time to sleep, wake-up call in t minus four hours.

sleep tight
beautiful people

august 25 - insomnia


o to the m to the g - who the fuck wakes up at 8:18 all by oneself? me.

jesus, last night when i went to bed relatively early for me (3am), i thought that a good night sleep was inevitable for my survival - pretty much. but no, oh no, i have to wake up five hours later unable to go back to sleep. score - a longer day for me i guess?

just devoured my wonderful breakfast and now i'm wondering whether or not it's rain-proof to take my 6 mile walk to work or not.. it's definitely leaning towards a "yes".

what more can i write you people? the world something of a plane in turbulence right now - three earthquakes in america in three days, a hurricane is expected to hit my City (NYC) on sunday, Kim Kardashian got married, Steve Jobs resigned for Apple leaving room for the new CEO Tim Cook, the rebels in Libya are hunting for Qaddafi, a car-bomb in Iraq killed 7, 5 wounded and 1 killed in school-shooting in Mexico, and Arsenal entered Champions League for the 14th year in a row.

that's about all i have to give you this morning.
and of course, the standard morning-photo.

ne daj da život
mazi me

august 24 - wake up


wonder who's thinking about my morning-swollen face with filthy hair and in a waaay to pink tank?

i know that many of you have problems waking up, or you might just be plain evil when you wake up. that's why i'm generously going to offer you the playlist of kalithea '11, in a try to make you a happy morning person. put this music on, turn on the coffee machine and smile at how wonderful your life is, even when it isn't. the brain is good at convincing your mind and body that you feel the way it tells it to, though at times it might merely be an illusion.


last, but not least,
the great summer-hit:
"in maj beddrumm"

i already miss kalithea,
only 350-something days to go!

august 24 - foureyes


today was d-day: i went to get my glasses and my oh my do i love them! almost as much as i love coffee, and that's no love you wanna mess with. the weeknd is playing soothingly while i am answering emails and laughing at how silly i have been all day. i've just been walking around laughing like a moron because i feel comfortable being a foureye. what can i say - embrace your inner self, but people don't let the superficial fool you.

many of you might wonder what i'm doing up this late on a weekday. all i have to say is that my love for coffee took over at a very inappropriate time today, or rather at 2am. epic fail. anyhow, time for a 6 mile walk tomorrow at 12pm tomorrow again, so i better shut my eyes and hope that my mind shuts down along with it.

and fyi, photobooth's effects are sooo underrated - props to whoever invented it,
because we have been laughing all night! photobooth - for a longer life!

don't you worry,
you gotta keep up

august 23 - the modern housewife


no, i don't mean the rich bitch that goes out and shops at chanel, gucci and dolce, nor the one that has a weekly appointment with her plasticsurgent or her PT. i'm talking about the housewife version 3.0; the one that irons while watching a basketball game and thus makes the clothes look worse than they did before the ironing. the one that cares so much about a game or her facebook page that she forgets about the burning food and the screaming kids. who wants to marry?..

after doing all of the above, i took a five mile powerwalk with my dad and ended the day with walking around in the city, watching all the students on the swedish version of rush - only, in sweden everyone can take part.

it's actually time for me to put on my nyu shorts and sneakers and walk another five miles to work.
any day now, we're welcoming Jofama by Kenza to our boutique - no more online shopping necessary! just pass by our store on Smedjegatan 9 in Jönköping and you might come out one fab-leather jacket richer :)

gotta go!

don't you
fall in love

august 21 - ready for take off


i can't get over how fast time flies by. it literally feels like i came to serbia a week ago, took off for greece about three days ago and now it's already time to fly back to sweden. many good and some bad things have happened this month - but one thing is for sure - this summer has been fantabulously amazing.

still not really inspired to write about anything in detail, but hopefully the rainy and cold weather in sweden will inspire me to. otherwise, you guys might just have to wonder why this summer has been so wonderful - if you even care, that is.

time for me to take a shower, let "the weeknd" put me at ease while reminiscing about this summer and longing for the next! see you on the rainy side.


i'm just a bird,
i'm just another bird

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