april 30 - tutto finito


about an hour ago, i squeaked. jovana obradovic squeaked à la jess and anna karan. finishing that paper just felt amazing and relieving to the point where i felt that i, the i'd-rather-do-five-hours-on-the-elliptical-than-run-a-mile-girl, could run eight miles, write fifteen academic papers, or just party for three days in a row. that's how relieving it was. pheew.

the spanish placement test was not today, steph got the dates wrong, so it's next week instead. however, i managed to finish another paper, this one and to still enjoy the company of my nyc-faves: eleanor, anna, kayla, kelly and dennis :) a lot of spanx to all of you my fellow brainiacs and hbics.

i cannot believe it's only three weeks until i arrive at arlanda airport in stockholm and throw myself in my family's arms. i am so excited. i also landed to informational interviews today, one with the eBusiness producer of gucci and one with the PR coordinator at Time magazine. now, that's exciiiiiiiite material.

one more blog to write and then it's time for me to actually relax in my dreams.

gori more,
tope se planine

april 29 - it's all good


people gain respect through giving it.
i love understanding professors and i am ever thankful to this one in particular. my presentation is going to be on tuesday or thursday and the paper is due tomorrow (created my own deadline).

went to the volunteer meeting swiflty, had the first and only (!) coffee of the day and continued to the "real talk" presentation. had some yummie curry there. when i got home i took a looong, hot, cleansing shower. the moist outside just makes everything feel disgusting. then i worked a little bit more on my paper and lurked around on vogue's website.

i am taking a spanish placement test tomorrow,
so wish me luck?

three all-nighters later..
it makes the sun
come up

april 28 - oh jeez


upon finishing my presentation at 5am last night, i was definitely ready to present and content with my accomplishment. that doesn't really help when my body isn't. didn't even hear my alarm this morning, slept through my presentation and woke up frantic and ready to blow up the world (and that's an understatement).

On another note, I had a great informational interview with one of the mentors, who told me that if i needed any help, she would be glad to help. so, that was amazing. els is rescheduing her flight and I'm starring at the starbucks coffee sign seen below. next week we're volunteering at the strawberry festival at nyu, now we're heading to a "real talk" photo exhibition and tomorrow it's time for the spanish placement test.

time to go, have a good day everyone :)

coco jambo

april 28 - bobstbobstBOOB


regardless of all of our wardrobe malfunctions today (anna with her own version of the flowy marilyn monroe dress, dennis with his hair everywhere but in his nyu baseball cap, kayla with too many C's in her hands at once, and me with my own close-to-janet-jackson situation), we had a very productive bobst-day. we were literally in there for about six hours straight and yet, i am still working on this fucking paper. i've just had it. it's enough.

time to create the powerpoint, take a nap, get up, present, come back home and crash.
tomorrow is an eventful day, so i'll keep you posted.

got all the classes i wanted, spanish placement test on friday.

oh, and by the way,
i got another A today.
feels good,

seeeee yuuuh

april 27 - summer summer summerTIME


time for a presentation. i'm doing it on free software GNU/Linux - anyone familiar with it?
still struggling with essay. don't know how to finish it. this whole perfectionist-thing is definitely going to be the end of me one day. and, you should see my bed right now. like yugoslavia in the 90s - disaster.

talk to you later,

thank god for
my family.

april 25 - reset body


panic day, bad sleep, bad dream, bad wake-up, unhealthy day.

i'm not gonna give into tiredness, hunger, thirst or distractions.
that's how little time i have this coming night.
10 page research paper - hit me.

in two weeks, jovs is coming,
and then i'll feel great again.
until then, school school schoool fool

april 25 - beautiful monster?


i have only taken two facebook breaks today, everyone should be proud (i am). i'm high on candy and still have some left-over energy from the beautiful, sunny, and warm weather that was this early afternoon :) unfortunately, that weather did not stay for very long. after having coffee with the guys in washington square park, laughing and talking, it was time for us young girls to say goodbye, thank for a good time, run to subway to get food, to then park in our beloved library for five hours.

i was stoked to go to the gym to relieve all this academic tension that i've thrust upon myself. instead, i felt like a participant of a wet-tshirt contest as i was strolling up broadway in a white t-shirt to get to the subway. big fail.
i just took a relaxing shower and now i'm ready to get back on that digital piracy horse.

from this day on, i believe in beautiful monsters.
we call them NYC spring-days,

zbog nje sam
loša postala

april 24 - mr. bobst


we are following a strict schedule today, with or without obstacles. disregarding the fact that it is 75 degrees (24 celsius) outside, we are going to go into lockdown at bobst for about six hours. prior to that, we obviously need our caffeine and are therefore meeting the guys at aroma espresso embodying our isolated personas.

since facebook always becomes distraction-from-the-book, we have decided to have set out "facebook breaks." it may sound pathetic, but you know: truth hurts. time to get my butt to soho :)

i'll probably write you on one of my breaks.
ah, i love organization.

христос васкрсе!

april 24 - ay ay tekila


had an amazing last night with amazing people. there's nothing better than meeting new people and partying like you've known each other for ever. perfect feeling.

the night started at haru sushi on times square, which became a slight disappointment as we had to wait for the food for almost an hour.. but, we made the best of it. after making a quick "gum-stop" at duane reade, the cab driver was ordered to take us to the meatpacking district and infamous "the griffin."

i get what i deserve when i mix alcohol. my body just doesn't process the mix of vodka and ONE shot of tequila. massive headache when i woke up this morning. coke-run, chips-run, all the fat types of runs you can think of didn't help. but a nap and two advils apparently did. research has comprised the rest of my daily schedule. and it is about to continue that way.

goodbye-coffee with the guys at aroma espresso tomorrow, dating mr. bobst and ending the day at the gym with els and some more studying. gotta go.

oh and by the way,
христос васкрсе, срећан ускрс/glad påsk/happy easter :)

april 22 - la tortura bonita


it is most definitely time for me and my eyes-wine-shut to go to bed. but, i thought i shouldn't leave you hanging anymore with details from my intriguing life.

this morning consisted of paper writing, not much unlike the two days prior to that, followed by chill with eleanor and a good 2 hour work-out. always get testosterone shocks - no joke. then, i gained recognition as to how i could become a self-proclaimed globetrotter. by going from the lower east side to upper west side. haha. let me tell you people, that was definitely a mission. when i arrived to pick up my package (the reason why i went up there in the first place), however, it was worth every "fuck" that came out of my mouth :)

my/the world's greatest mom had sent me clothes and the most beautiful bracelet i have ever seen.
it says, and please all my fellow NYU students, embrace this:

"There is no elevator to success.
You have to take the stairs."

yeah, we're becoming stairmasters.
i have to sleep now, a long day awaits tomorrow - gym, studying, studying, dinner, going out.

pre-fashion show

post-fashion show

no matter how much stress and how many all-nighters,
there is no place i'd rather be.
NYU bitchez.

april 19 - fba fashion show


waiting for the fashion show with ms. drizzaaake, so thought i'd show you our extremely colorful outfits ;)
i hope all of you have a great tuesday evening! xo


april 19 - yes


two papers down, one paper and one presentation to go (this week).
tonight there fashion business association is organizing a fashion show, which els and i are glad to attend (and rock fly outfits at that).

now, i have to head to class. i'll update you after the gym, sweaty and all.
until then, you might wanna read about donald trump - i'm starting to doubt 2012 was just a movie.
haha. xo

i'm like
a bird

april 18 - doubledecker insomnia?


my alarm was set allowing me five hours of sleep.
my body wakes me up four hours after the alarm is set.
wtf is up?

this has been happening for two weeks, where i wake up 7:06am sharp everyday. i have a severe case of insomnia and it's not playing games anymore. only three weeks left of school though, and the main thesis of my life is that mr. academia has a lot to do with my stress these days. can't wait to kill finals week before it "kills" me :)

anyhow, time to deal with bush for a last time before turning that paper in this afternoon.
i wish you all a pleasant and satisfying monday!

a kada odem
nek te probude

april 17 - smiles for miles


nothing better than the gym, good music and a good meal after it. perfect start of my day. i am currently in the midst of writing a book review on The Bush Dyslexicon, a book written about Bush's dyslectic tendencies in public speaking and how dependence on TV effects the election process. very interesting, very tough to review. but, i liked the book and i recommend it to anyone who has ever wondered how the f that man became president (excluding the election fraud that is).

the current goal is to finish half of this paper, take a nap (dead meat), and finish the rest.
i hope you are all enjoying your sunday.

ah yeah,
mm yeah

april 17 - the huffington beast


i woke up half an hour ago, and i am currently feeding my love for the huffington post and the daily beast. when i finish this cup of coffee in front of me though, it is time for the gym to work some of my newfound "abs". then the day has to be überproductive, since i managed to skip to acknowledge the last part of that word the entire weekend..

don't you think i have that morning glow of a pregnant lady?
(aka. "if i don't get to the bathroom in this sec., i will puke on you)

april 16 - awkward.


couldn't have inked it better.
they're "friends,"
not "pretends."

april 16 - gray scales


good morning! yeah, i know - fail. woke up at nine because i couldn't sleep, something that's been happening way too often for me to deal with. went back to bed because it's the weekend and i believe that sometimes i need to sleep as a health precaution.

i finished three pages of one paper yesterday in between having coffee with kayla and working out with els. i had to do the hydro-elliptcial (or sth like that?) and it was a bitch. one of those that look easy but then come back and stab you in the back? it was like running with resistance. am i a runner? no. does the resistance help? hell no.
last night at anna's was cozy, fish tacos, chocolate, chips, ladies, talk :) good night. there is really no connection between our conversations and i love it. men and sex become kindergarten and rebellious children. haha.

today, it's major paper writing time. i'm having coffee with cute sara a bit later to look over some stuff and then kayla invited kels and me to a wine and snacks night. i doubt that we can do it, but we're gonna try. i mean wine, snacks, and fun people, why say no if you don't have to?

we're gonna keep
on loving

april 15 - hehey mr. A


yet again, i have become surprised with the power of letter in the realm of student life. it is amazing how when most of us see the letter A we want to jump around and kiss everyone and when we see the red F we wanna punch someone so hard they fly to outer space. amazing. evidently, the former is the more appreciated letter. even the alphabet has got its own power-structure. interesting.

well, last night, kels and i watched "little children" (recommended) and drank wine, tonight we are doing dinner at annas and tomorrow starts the study-circle at bobst again!

it is time for me and my three best friends of the day to use some of that new gained enthusiasm to compose two papers before heading to the gym with els :) life's good and i wish i could write everything in detail, but bush and international law are calling my name.

buck, amin and walter.
never leave me, please?

ya bb ya bb ya bb,
you hurt my world

april 14 - beautiful day


i just had dinner after working out/grocery shopping/wine shopping. the day was spent outside. i got some work done in the morning, followed by coffee with anchi and denndenn and camping at washington square park with all the wonderful people enjoying the sun. it's amazing how the sun revives the city. it's almost as if someone has (finally) pressed the restart button, and yes - it worked :)

hot and wet?
ohyeah, covered in SWEAT.

april 14 - it's not a weakend


kelly and i woke up panicked per usual. i ran downstairs wearing the latest couture (tight bun, nyu shorts and sweater, sneakers, post-tornado face) to print some readings. and who do i meet? well.. everyone i know at laf of course. low-key, i know they were all jealous of my gorgeousness.

tight schedule all weekend with three essays to write, one presentation to finish, four meetings, and infinite gym visits. since i have to stay on top of it and almost every minute counts, i'm gonna have to say goodbye to you until i get back from the gym!

have a good one,
stay positive.

they call it
"the perfectionist."

april 14 - inspiring evening


currently, i am sipping on my black tea and thinking about the amount of impressions i have taken in today.
pr, marketing and advertising professionals, all wasserman at the center for career development at NYU. interestingly enough, the most inspiring company i found has three offices in sweden and one in serbia - my globetrotter career might actually be possible :)

i e-mailed the woman representing the company at the roundtable. now, all i have to do is wait and hopefully she will get back to me agreeing to an informational interview. that would be the ultimate scenario.
while i was at it (career-wise), i figured "why not create a LinkedIn account?" so, i did - as easy as abc and as useful as 123.

it has been nice catching up - time for me to do some work before getting under my four covers and getting a good night's sleep.

it's all about
the details

april 13 - nikola jovanović


as i am enjoying my third coffee of the day, i cannot get over the beauty of the male model ranked #5 in the world by models.com - nikola jovanović. born in 1989 in belgrade, the youngster has conquered the fashion realm working on campaigns for gianfranco ferré, cavalli and most recently gucci spring/summer 2011.

with his sharp jaw, blue eyes, big lips and light brown perfect hair (and perfect eyebrows), there's no wonder the big fashion houses are hiring him. i am slightly concerned that he hasn't got a thing for women though, and his stick-like figure just wouldn't work (speculation emphasized). enough of me blabbering about my slight obsession. see for yourselves :)

dobro se

april 13 - "eehhm.. what?"


alright, so i almost finished my 350 pages of reading in this book. tonight, i accomplished 200 pages of reading - wootwoot. there is a reason for this. my mock interview did not go very well. i think my two first questions and the notion that this was my first american interview with 40 spectators kind of explains why:
  1. "Have we met? I think I recognize you? Maybe from going out.. What clubs do you usually go to?"
  2. "So.. What would your boyfriend say about you working here?
monstrous disaster.
three and a half hours of sleep - reading - class - writing - class - roundtable meetings - laundry - sleep.
i can't wait for tomorrow, seriously though :)

more positives than negatives today after all - i got cleared to register for classes on april 26 and my global media and international law prof cancelled our class on thursday. this means that my weekend starts tomorrow: party hard (with them books). heeheey!


pokušavam da shvatim
da sam pogrešila

april 12 - hah, jeez.


i don't understand what's going on here. the mock inteview is in an hour and fifty minutes and this nervousness gets worse by the minute. haha, i feel like i am that insecure middle school swimmer girl again.
just pray for me at 5pm?

haha, this is ridiculous.
(i'm gonna kill it, i'm gonna kill it, god damn it - I'M GONNA KILL IT.)


i can be a freak, every day
of every week

april 11 - set the mood right


i'm gonna pee my pants. that's how nervous i am. for tomorrow's MOCK interview.
i'm pathetic, i know. but hey, deal with it.

i've learned that there is no art
as explicit in explaining one's mood as fashion
- me.

let me set the
mood right

april 11 - error


there is definitely something wrong with the stats-site on this blog platform. today, my count is at 2,200 - and believe me - something's very wrong :/

sophia and i were supposed to run this morning, but as she felt nauseous, i decided to do a home workout. now i'm sitting here with my coffee and mr. bush's wonderful syntax and rhetorical skills:

"a leadership is someone who brings people together"
"is our children learning?"
"i will have a foreign-handed foreign policy"
"families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream"
- PRESIDENT George W. Bush.
do i have to mention that he confused the Grecians with the Greeks? Slovenians with the Slovaks?

let me keep reading this, while laughing my ass off, crediting mr. miller and questioning "how the hell did this man became president?"

moja nada s tobom

april 11 - goodnight!


i'm getting better with this whole going-to-bed-early thing. however, i spilled tea on my computer and one of the letters is not working. the funny thing is that its is this symbol ' and the " that are not working.. so i'm just going to have to write with a swedish keyboard all the time. fml.

good workout with eleanor for 2 hours, a trip to TJs and a phone-conversation with jess later, this is how i'm ending my night:

you just kill me,
could you at least do that?

april 10 - sunday bunday


after having the first and worst missing-people-day yesterday, i decided to go to bed and start all over today. it worked as a charm (after snoozing for two hours). i got up, finished my presentation on the '80 election, skyped with my parents and my grandparents, and now i am ready to go back to work after updating this little expression-forum of mine. after postponing the gym this entire weekend, i am meeting els after 7pm to actually work out.

by the way, i just love my parents and how they always manage to balance the friend-parents with me and my sister. we can laugh at this hilarious singing talent, drink and party together, discuss everything and give each other advice and support. my mom and i always talk about everything that is bothering me, the guy-situations (from every aspect), friends and fashion. whereas my dad and i discuss world problems, cars, guys (from some aspects), the future and fashion. moreover, they hold hands and kiss and hug as if they haven't been married for almost 25 years, making everyone believe in that true love. although being my best friends, they are my parents as well. they have expectations and rules that they trust my sister and i respect. no matter how annoying my mom is when she doesn't listen in creating her own opinions, and no matter how stubborn and proud my dad is, they are the perfect parents. there's just not anything more to it. just perfect.

and yes. they are gorgeous!

boom boom,
weehooooo oo

april 9 - nope


haven't really done anything important today. caught up with some friends from back home, researched a little bit for my mock interview on tuesday and now.. it's time to get down to business.
study sesh plus gym killing.

i miss my LA people, Sweden and Serbia extra much today.

i miss you
i miss you

april 9 - happy productiveday!


i have a revolutionary statement for you - i am in a post-confusion state of mind: my motivation is back!
yesyesyes, this is like a promotion for a student.
also, no government shutdown monday. thank god!

so, the coffee with the girls was supposed to be a fairly quick meeting to just catch up etc. instead, it turned into a three-hour, two-places, talk-about-everything rendez-vouz. great night though, don't regret missing out on study- or gym-time. i have time for that tomorrow. as a matter of fact, i did my fair share of studying today. got a lot done and now, it is time for bed :)

ground support - serve great drip coffee in an urban setting cafe with park benches and a crowd made up of students and random soho hipsters :)
cafe bari - let me try and define this place smoothly: flat screen, house music, lit candles, segafredo zanetti espresso, $6.50 happy hour cocktails, and a crowd ranging from ages 20 to 65.

have a great night,
goodmorning europe!

malo je, al' meni stalo je
u laž da verujem

april 8 - neat freak


i have this thing. i can't study if my surroundings aren't clean. i figured that out today. even though i have been thinking about that as one of the reasons as to why i really haven't been wanting to study, today i got it confirmed. ha! poor people that live with me. in short, i cleaned everything last night, just to be able to start studying as soon as i woke up this morning. here are the results:

obviously, i also need my morning coffee - can't function without it. how do you like sexy mr. bush there on my desk? haha. just read 70 pages while taking notes and now, it's time for me to fix my face and head out to soho to indulge in coffee and swedish candy with sara and anna. probably hitting up the gym after that.

oh, fyi - watch going the distance.
so real and painfully awkward that you can't really not laugh :)

i hope you have a great friday night!

can you, can you
hear me say

7 april - 510 readers!


good evening people,
i just wanted to tell you that i don't know why you are reading this. i know why my family and friends do. but i don't know why you others do - so feel free to leave me a comment under the speak up link below :)

ha! and this is me trying to be a cute blogger
sending you x and o's
you're the gas to my car you're my petro
me and you go back, retro

april 7 - tidy room, tidy mind


class went well and even better when i found out that my professor thought my blogpostings were "fantastic" :) i should put a gold star in my forehead today. but on a second thought, i shouldn't. i think mine smiling everywhere as if i've gotten some makes it pretty clear that i'm happy. haha :)

after a quick trip to TJs and bonding with the cashier over the fact that he was at studio54 and jammed at palladium, i went back home, took a shower and found myself in a cleaning frenzy. i did the dishes, changed my sheets, cleaned the bathroom and my desk. tidy room, tidy mind - that's for sure.

now, i'm enjoying a coup of coffee while once again listening to my pre-game playlist on youtube, and preparing psychologically for some political propaganda. btw, did you guys know that donald trump plans on running for president? when i know more about that, i assure you there is going to be an infuriated blog post on the ubiquitous "money makes perfect" reasoning in this country.

sushi with maria tonight,
so i'd better get to work.

to celebrate the 500 people that checked out my writing fantasia today,
i give you the first photo ever posted on this blog!
march 2008
we fly high, no lie
and you know this

april 7 - academia for your eyes


have to love the fact that i am in MCC, when we can post our papers in blog-format. convenient, cheap and easy! last semester, i blogged for my media and identity class about various the mediation of identity-issues (read). this semester, i am blogging for my global media and international law class about the conference on freedom of information (read).

i am definitely changing my blogging platform. so what do you think:
tumblr or blogspot?

sorry all my swedes, it is just so much easier to blog for those sites. they have a better integrated system of sharing and formatting. unfortunately, blogg.se doesn't...

good morning world!

har gått genom livet med
en övertygelse

april 7 - electives?


looking at my schedule, i just found out that i am close to done with completing my major, which leaves me with all the boring electives that you need to take to graduate. but, i thought i'd make it exciting through taking 1) the islamic diaspora, and 2) human rights and society? i am also taking spanish, which i need to take a placement test for. and lastly, i might be taking a business of media class. then there is one more that i have to take.

i have scheduled an appointment with the world's greatest advisor (mine!) on tuesday, so i'll check what she thinks about my masterplan. next semester is the first semester of interning as well, exciting! and being involved - fba and prsa, here i come!

a sidenote to all this planning - i've been napping like it's nobody's business this week. disastrous.
tomorrow starts with a global media and international law lecture, gym with eleanor (KILL), grocery shopping, studying and maybe meeting maria for coffee or drinks. friday is sockerbit day with anna and sara and more studying. as goes for saturday and sunday - i will be studying. next week is hectic, and i am not planning on falling behind.
turned in my history of communications paper today and enjoyed
a long coffee break with my bestests: dennis, anna and kayla :)
time for bed, night!

happy girls pretending to be productive while dealing with the obsessions of our lives.
i mean, we are sitting outside of the library - it does count for something.

april 5 - all questions answered


i'm surprised how interested you guys are in my life (not).
got a couple of questions, or let's say a ton, but they're all from my beloved friend nikola. but as i said, i am going to answer them anyways. so for you guys that are reading without a clue of who i am, you'll probably get to know some weird stuff about me in this exact moment. i am directly translating them all from swedish, so don't judge :P

Hur klarar du av att plugga så många år i USA, då menar jag ekonomiskt. Är det CSN som hjälper dig att betala skolgången då? Och jag vet inte riktigt vem jag ska vända mig till när det gäller att söka in till universitetet osv. Hur lyckades du?
hej LK!
panika inte, det är inte så farligt som man tror, om något är det mycket lättare än man tror på SMC. ganska likt en svensk gymnasieutbildning skulle jag vilja säga, lite svårare test dock. dessutom kommer du uppleva saker du bara drömt om (eller önskat att du aldrig skulle få uppleva). helt klart värt alla panik i världen innan avgång :)
självklart har jag csn och de hjälper mig mer än mycket, men sen hjälper mina föräldrar mig mycket då de aldrig tvekat på att investera i både min och min systers utbildning. när det kommer till det ekonomiska går det alltid att skaffa jobb på campus, och även om de bara betalar runt 10 dollar/timme så är det i alla fall något. sen, om det kör ihop sig på riktigt kan man ansöka om att få jobba utanför campus där man får lite bättre betalt. babysitting är också en möjlighet.
vad gäller ansökningsprocessen osv gäller det bara att ha tålamod. jag fixade allt genom IBS, en organisation som hjälper svenskar söka till utbildningar i utlandet. det är rådet jag har vad gäller santa monica college (och var beredd på mycket pappersarbete). universitet däremot är en annan femma. nu vet jag inte riktigt vilket universitet du funderar på, men sajten som jag bloggar för, studyadvantage, har mycket information om olika topp-universitet i usa, storbritannien, china mfl. så kolla in där. jag kan naturligtvis också hjälpa dig så mycket jag kan. vill du så kan du, det är verkligen så!

why are you so fine?
i got it from my mama?
and how do you deal with being such a good friend to jessica from LA who always calls you and cries?
ooh, you couldn't come up with an easier question honey - because i know you would do the exact same thing. and i think i am kind of biased on this aspect because i love you?

if you were a fruit, what kind of fucking fruit would you be?
i would be a pomegranate - hard on the outside, soft and complicated on the inside. but soo good :D
what kind of coffee do you usually drink?
zoega mörkrost or gevalia mellanrost in sweden, kuvana kafa in serbia and greece, think coffee, starbucks and trader joe's ultra dark french roast in nyc :) favorite coffee drink? - soy mocha light frappuccino!
what kind of alcohol do you drink in the us?
vodka on the rocks.
who's your main source of inspiration?
my parents, straight up.
which male celebrity would you want to get stuck in an elevator with?
christophe decarnin, designer at balmain
is your glass half empty or are you compleeeetely filled (filled = drunk in swedish)?
filled - go hard or go home!
do you like dan in gossip girl?
yes, sometimes he's to cheesy. but aside from that, i like him.
do you feel like jersey shore is a rip off of paradajz (our summer version of paradise hotel)?
totally, i know snooki is competing with sandy for the most random escapades.
what do you miss most about sweden, except from your friends and family?
fika. btw, this word is so all-encompassing that it should be incorporated in every language. it basically stands for grabbing something to drink, with or without dessert, and talking (doing nothing) for hours at a "fik" (or coffee shop)
how many guys have you kissed (pecked...)?
i stopped counting after kindergarten. playa plaaaay.
what's your favorite chocolate?
lysmelk. for every new yorker reading this, sockerbit in soho has them.
are you a cat or a dog person?
most definitely a dog person.
would you go to space if you got the chance?
yeah, why not?
would you rather be known for something stupid or unknown, but good person?
unknown, but a good person. i think i would go insane if i were to join the celebrity culture. it's way too dramatic for me.
if you could donate $10 million, would you keep the donation anonymous or not?
i don't know. it depends on what cause i would be donating the money to and what gave me that extra $10 million.
have you ever regretted moving to the US?
i have had my doubts at times, but i have never regretted going her. never.
why does your sister pretend to be something all the time?
because she is something?
who actually won paradajz last season?
i think it was a tie between "snooki" and "charlie sheen" (you)
katy perry or lady gaga?
katy perry.
where would you have studied if you couldn't study in the US or Sweden?
a year ago i would definitely say barcelona. but, on second thought, i think i would go to rome or belgrade.
do you think i'm cute?
yes, the cutEST
on a scale of 1-5 how hot are you?
3 - i don't really consider myself anything above average, not ugly, but no real beauty either. i just am who i am. people that like me probably think that i am beautiful and the once who don't probably equivocate me with a troll.
4 - something got me accepted to NYU.
4 - refer to previous question.
5 - i do everything for everyone i love, literally.
1 - i suck at being on time. completely suck. if anyone has time management tips, hit me up!
3 - i am cozy, but only with the people i care about and only if the time asks for it. more of a realist.
5 - haha, always nerd out and i love it.
5 - serbian heritage, grew up in sweden, studied in america, trilingual, no idea where i'm going with my life, love having fun, speak a lot - what's not interesting about that? ha.
0 - ......... if you are content with yourself, your surroundings and what you do, there is no need to lie about. anything.
3 - i enjoy writing, and i have my secret notepads and documents that no one knew about - until now.
sick of life?
0 (ask me again during finals week and it'll be 10 :P)

situations are what you
make of them

april 3 - hit me?


hectic day today. woke up. gym for two hours. skype with mom and dad, while eating, while doing my make up. cafe minerva with my boss from studyadvantage. fast dinner. meeting with pr group. and now i can breathe :) enjoying some pretzels and good music before going back to work.

time for your questions!
whatever slips your mind, be it about me, NYU, the blog, make-up, clothes, improvements, criticism.
you name it, i've got your answers!
type in your question in the link below named "speak up!" and i'll get back to you asap.

back to work,

eyes may always tell the truth,
but truth can be deceiving.

april 2 - friendstrip


boys come and go - friends remain? i beg to differ.
as with boys, friends come in different shapes and sizes and with various levels of trustfulness. something that i've learned after leaving my hometown in kind sweden to the more competitive culture of america is that i can never be 110% sure of who and what i can trust. throughout this journey of mine, i would say that about 80% of the people i previously referred to as my "real friends" have fallen behind.
sometimes, it has been because of me, sometimes because of them.

if there is something in the sphere of friendships that i value, it is honesty and trust. these two traits are interconnected and there are very few instances in which we can say that one of them functions without the other. for me, giving someone my all, telling them everything about myself, listening to their advise and relying on them means i love them - nothing more, nothing less. i have a very hard time opening up completely, and when i do, you know that i admire you and love you. then, the three magic words are an understatement. however, if you do abuse that trust, that admiration and that love, it is hard for me to pretend that nothing happened.

in the past couple of days, i have gotten confirmed that i have once again gotten betrayed and lied to. meanwhile, my friends have dealt with heavy personal stuff. if you don't want to be my friend, don't try to be. i am not a celebrity, a big shot or anything more than jovana obradovic. moreover, i do not have the time needed to give you advise or listen to you, if you do not care the least bit about it. so what is the point in pretending?

if you want to be a true friend, we will go through both highs and lows, laughters and tears, but the trust will remain. if you don't, leave me alone and we can go on pretending with the how-have-you-beens and the lets-meet-ups.

fakeness is for dreamers. my belief in reality remains,
because people always leave.

april 1 - fast forward fools


wrote a paper. made some calls. planned els birthday. ran from chase, to h&m, to forever21, to duane reade.
now i'm sitting here, sexier than ever in my sweats and waiting for the time of panic when i realize that i have to get ready. i say that's in like five minutes.

tonight is els's bday celebration. we decided that we're going to affaire and then we'll see where we're taking it from there. i have no clue what i am wearing. jeans, a blazer and heels. the jeans do have a zipper that i'm gonna unzip - that's about how creative i feel today. ha!

saw an unpredictable movie last night and suitably named last night.
kelly just came in, just pointed to the bathroom and said "go, NOW!"
her wish is my command people.

boom shaka

march 31 - alarm(ed)?


heeheey. guess what happened to me today?
woke up at six to finish some readings, got that done (score) and then decided i had time for an hour-long nap before class. of course my alarm did not go off (water-damage plays tricks on me), so i was pissed for most of the morning and did not put a smile on my tired face until kelly and i went grocery shopping. skyped with maca for almost two hours and then went to my group-meeting for my PR class. i have a feeling our campaign is gonna be amaze!

tomorrow, we're officially celebrating eleanor's big 21. dinner and drinks at anna's, followed by a club tba.
until then, i have books that need to be read and a body that needs to be worked out.

i'll write you tomorrow.
warning: it might be one of those what-are-people's-problems posts ;)

the fave tee is on, writing mood is on.
let me just do this, thanks.
najviše sam tebe

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