may 29

2:09 pm

heey people,
finals week is coming up, so there's not much time left for blogging in between the studies, parties, car and apt searching, and taking a driver's license. 

hahaha. today i was at dmv, i figured that because i already have a swedish license i'd manage this test easily. haha, who flunked? me! everything i did was the wrong way aka. the swedish way in america. anyways, i only took the test once, so now i'm gonna study that freakin book (or newspaper) in order to pass this. because i need to, asap.

math is looking brighter and brighter as the days pass by. i just need to work my ass off. b on the final people. and god - please help me, because i need a miracle.
yesterday was a good night at ecco, we danced all night long (almost). we saw delux was packed, no shit when p diddy and nicky hilton were in there? well well. you get used to stuff like that. it's weird though. enough with the questioning.
tongiht matt asked us to come to dinner at delux again, so we are gonna go. bailed on him yesterday at villa. tomorrow is olja's byebye-bbq :'( it's gonna be tough saying goodbye to her on the airport on sunday.. you gotta do what you gotta do though.

so, today plan is as follows: study math for an hour, read license-book, take a nap (?), go to olja eat cake, dinner, party, sleeeeeeeeep. schedule check. now let me get to work.
sweden, in three weeks i'm all yours :D

smiling, dancing; everything is free 
all you need is positivity 

may 25

12:34 pm

heey peeps,
loooong but great weekend. even though we didn't go to vegas, we had a lot of fun here. the serbian party saturday was full of interesting people and believe me - we laughed a lot!
ooh and the day before that, friday - sean & matt invited us to come to delux for dinner & then stay & party with them. good night, ended at subway :) 

today it's monday. me & jovs just realized how much laundry we've "collected". so today, i guess that's what we'll be doing & of course studying. till tomorrow i've got an english literary analysis again (last one!), some math & communication test :) i feel good though, got all day to finish that. don't know what to write anymore, i swear. my immagination is all gone. pufff - like the wind. haha. okey, i'm bored right now. waiting for daddy cool to call me on skype in exactly eight minutes. 

today lunh with the mamas & the bombas, then movienight?

gonna go study some english now.
can't wait to see my svennebananaz, wanna hear everything about their adventure, and tell them about ours :D haha.
misss you sweden :(

all the girls standing in the line
for the bathroom ;)

22 may

07:29 pm

hello biiitches,
it's memorial weekend. don't really know what it means. but it's some special weekend here in the us.
donno where to start. guess i should tell you all that jovana obradovicx probably got the first f in her life. it feels awesome, not. my girls managed to surprise me & make my day better with caffe quadra at urth caffe. i guess they basically know who we are now, four days in a row, lack of fantasy - what can we dooo oo :P

i ended up staying at olja's with her & her mom - she's soooo cute :) we ate everything one shouldn't & went to sleep pretty early. i wanted to kill myself this morning when the alarm went off at 06:30. got up & went to volkswagen, left olja's pearl, woke jovs up & we all feel asleep. we've spent the rest of the day by the pool, chilling & i swam a lot today. it felt weird. swam for five years & then gave it up. next semester i'm gonna take advanced swimming classes monday & wednesday morning though :) get back in shape, so on & so forth :P now i'm gonna strraighten olja's hair & then we're goin out for dinner & party.

everyone's gone. everyone has went to vegas. we got two invites to go, but nope. working tomorrow, so that's not gonna happen. too bad, well being in la isn't that bad either, so i'm not complaining ;)
prom-people in sweden, i feel bad for missing you, but facebook shows me everything. you guys look soo fly! and i miss you a lot. i'll be home soon though! can't wait.

& now to to my favorite olja aka "samantha jones":
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey its oljaaaaaa i just wanted to say hi and to see whats up :-)
and i also wanna say that im so happy cuz i have Jovana as my friend... we have a lot of things in common i think  thats why we clicked in first place:-)
Thank u Jovke for this chance to be ur friend, ur sistaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-))))
im alwaysss gonna be there for u <3
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa babyyy giiiiirrllll

and now lets get ready and partyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3 <3 <3

joj joj
miki miki

may 20

7:44 pm
doğum gününü kutluyorum melis şekerim
срећан рођендан дeдa ♥

studied all day. then i went to the bank to write a check. my bombas saved me from my misery and took me to cpk for dinner. hahaha, i feel bad for the waiters there that had us as costumers. first, i managed to spill my whole mango-lemonade over our appetizers, and ten minutes later olja managed to pour her lemonade in to her dinner. there was a bug by our table and at the end we miraculously got our dinner for free? we left our waiter a good tip though, he was a real cutiepie.

anyways, can't write so much more. i just needed a break. the next pause from my algebra book is gonna be around ten. dusan called us over for his famous coffee. it's the best - no bullshit. i'd give up starbucks for his coffee. and you guys that really know me also now that starbucks and coffee is my life :P woow.. that sounded pathetic. 

i hope you guys are having a relaxing and great night :)

do you remember
the time?

may 19

10:05 pm
on y va?

heeey :)
great day today, i got my english essay back - excellent A :D:D:D waaa, can't even explain how happy i was. okey, i'm not gonna exaggerate, but my teacher isn't easy at all even though he's great. after english i met up with maria as usual and comm-class was next. haha, these girls in our class had a presentation and showed the video "tip drill". haha. woow, i get you guys if you think it's hot. or no, i don't. seriously? it's disgusting. not just because of the way the girls are displayed, but also how nelly and the other rappers behave. hahaha, wouldn't wanna be their mama that's for sure.

i had a lovely day, and it got even better when meli called me and said she got in at LMU! congrats baby, you definitely deserve it. anyways, got to math class and my day immediately got worse. hate math, i hate studying it, and i just wanna finish it. the question is if i will make it.. thursday is the day - pass or no pass. only time can tell.

olja & jovs came and picked me up. we went for the traditional coffee-after-school at cosy urth caffe on main :) talked about everything and then some. they managed to cheer me up with the same strength math brings me down. you're the best. oh yeah - i can't believe it's only four weeks left till i'm going home!! :D i really wanna go this time, i don't know if it is because of all the drama, or because of math, it just feels great. of course i'll miss everyone here. but i'll be back in august again, accompanied by my other half. ms. babysis :)

hahaha, enrolled in my classes yesterday. i'm gonna take swimming 06.00 am (!) every monday and wednesday and then i'll take soc 1, speech 5, film studies 8. i'm gonna take two online classes too - econ 2 & journalism 1. can't wait for next semester to begin :) and i got some papers for the apt today, so tomorrow i'm gonna head over to the bank to fix some checks. i really wanna live in evo, just need to get over there to check some stuff & talk to them about payments and stuff :) well well, i don't wanna get my hopes up.

wow, this was one boooooring blogging-session.
gotta go study now :/ 

started a new verse,
like poetry ..

may 17

4:41 pm
cheers mates

heey girls & boys,
great night yesterday. jovs, olja & i decided to follow our saturday-tradition & go to delux. haha, had soo much fun. after the partying, we went home. i changed to my juicy & we headed to bossa nova. ate a little bit there. when we got home, we all fell asleep immediately. 

woke up this morning when natalia came into our room laughed and said "jaoo, vidi kako su slatke" (transl. aaw, look how cute they are). got up, finished my speech-thing & waited for the bombas to wake up. believe me - i waited. they got up at 1:30, my belly died of hunger. me & jovs visited cpk & had some pasta. essentiality, yes.

i really have to study now. with finals coming up, the teachers still don't understand we need time to study before them, nope. instead they schedule eeeeeverything they can three weeks before school ends. sucks. anyways, i'm gonna nail every test, or at least i'm gonna try.

gaah, i'm so tired. & the last thing i wanna do now is study intermediate algebra. however, i have come to the conclusion that my life is as wonderful as can be. i have everything & then some :) boyfriend & love excluded - seeing as it is not a priority of mine. well, can't spend anymore time here - it's time to get back to business: studying, jogging & partying :D

hahahaha, okey one more thing. my roomy/wife jovana ulic manojlovic is living in a fantasy. she just came out of the bathroom asking me if i could blow-dry her bangs so that they would stand still, kinda straight up to the sky. hahahahaha. i'm dying. i know it's not fun for you guys, but if you know jovs, it's gonna be hilarious :D haha. gosh.

que tengo
que hacer?

15 maj


heey peeps. 
i had a great day today, tanning (burning) on the beach. there was one thing missing though - a summer-hit??! is there one? oh yes, there is and i just found it today. funny how one of the singers is a friend from back home. the collab between my singer/producer friend Alil, swedish Inferno & Liberator from new york resulted in the great song "desire".  what can be more suiting than that in the summer? it's a summer hit about summer love people. listen & enjoy :) you won't regret it.

Alil ft. Inferno & Liberator - Desire

now, the last step - picture yourself on the beach with a drink in your hand, your sunglasses on, enjoying life! perfect match. i know what is gonna play in my ipod. wanna give him some feedback/opinions/fan-mails (haha)? he's all yours -  "Alil Ajrulovic" on facebook.

"now everybody just sing with me, sing with me
this girl is fire, the way she moves, she got me screaming higher
she's so hot fulfilling my desire, she everything i require

13 maj

vem tanker?

shudilulu :)
vaknade upp hos olja imorse efter en galet skon chill, juggekvall. istallet for rakija serverades 99 bananas, blandat med kiwi & jordgubbs lask (vanligtvis juice), vin, chips & choklad. i bakgrunden lat vesna smijanac, vasilisa, ceca etc. larde kanna dusan, som ar fran vranje :D hahaha. nar vi borjade prata var "fina" serbiska fattade varken olja eller jovs nagonting. anyways, vi sjong, dansade & pratade massa. miisig.

forlat for den samsta uppdateringen, men har haft fullt upp. pa mitt tal fick jag A, pa min communication fick jag ocksa A. lamnade in en engelska uppsats som jag ar fett nojd med & nu ar det bara matten som hackar som vanligt. men idag har jag i alla fall gjort klart en del av ett kapitel, bara sex stycken kvar, sen ar jag back on track. jag & chantaya har bestamt oss for att vi ska klara kursen bara for att motbevisa var larare som gang pa gang MASTE papeka att nagra i klassen inte kommer bli godkanda. om exakt en manad ar jag redan klar med den har terminen - hej konstigt?

idag blir det bara plugg som galler. sen kommer val olja & hamtar oss sa vi tar en kaffe. pauser ar viktiga om jag ska orka plugga. livet har vart grymt de har veckorna som har gatt. helt sjukt hur mycket battre det har blivit sen jag slutat umgas med mirjana. gar runt & ler hela tiden. hahaha. maybe det har andra anledningar ocksa? donno.

har fargat haret igen ocksa. slingorna borjade komma fram igen & det pallade jag inte. haha.
ahjuste, idag fick jag arets kommentar: "nagra kilo extra nu va?". yup, jag har gatt upp i vikt, folk borjar marka nu ocksa. skarpning kanske..?

nej men kvinnar & mannar. tillbaka till x+y=z/a*b-c+y ..

ako mene pitate
dal' mi nesto fali ..

7 maj


god morgon sverige,
dagen sag ut sahar: gym - bussvantan - plugg hemma - plugg pa starbucks - kinkos - plugg hemma.

ibland undrar jag om hjarnan stannar? eller om jag helt enkelt tanker for mycket for att hjarnan ska kunna koncentrera sig? 
idag satt jag, inge skoj, & stirrade pa den pekande pilen pa microsoft word i en timme. bara stirrade, visste allt vad jag skulle skriva, men kunde inte skriva. som en ballong som sprack, sa forsvann inspirationen ur mitt huvud. jag vill, jag vill, jag vill - men kan inte? vem funkar sa? kaos. 

laget just nu ar svettigt & varmt. det brinner i santa barbara & i la faller trad. usa ar i ekonomisk kris & folk gar i konkurs. men vet ni vad? i love it aaaaall :D haha. jaa, det brinner i santa barbara - men det ar varmt. traden faller - men det blaser sa det kyler av varmen lite. usa ar i ekonomisk kris - men det drabbar inte mig, for jag ar en internationell student (AMEN for forsta gangen till det). folk gar i konkurs - men folk ar inte jag & inte heller nagon jag kanner. so why complain? :)

nu ska jag fortsatta analysera "the negro speaks of rivers", galet bra dikt - jag alskar langston hughes. men varfor har jag hjarnstopp? efter imorn ar det helg. vet inte vad som hander, ska forsoka kolla bil & ta teorin pa fredag, bestamma lite framtid ocksa. 

I’ve known rivers: 
I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the 
flow of human blood in human veins. 

My soul has grown deep like the rivers. 

I bathed in the Euphrates when dawns were young. 
I built my hut near the Congo and it lulled me to sleep. 
I looked upon the Nile and raised the pyramid above it. 
I heard the singing of the Mississippi when Abe Lincoln 
went down to New Orleans, and I’ve seen its muddy 
bosom turn all golden in the sunset 

I’ve known rivers: 
Ancient, dusky rivers. 

My soul has grown deep like the rivers.


this is how i feel every time
i'm 'round you

3 maj


hej allihopa,
hektiska dagar har det varit & fyllda dagar. jag har hunnit spy, festa, plugga, bowla, garva, grata, kolla pa film, mysa, ata. nu sitter jag har som vanligt i vart mysiga rum & undrar vart fan tiden flyger? helt seriost, det ar bara fem veckor till jag kommer hem i princip. jag vet inte hur jag kanner, eller jo - underbart for att komma till min familj & mina vanner. 

just nu spelas: dancing on me (remix) - dj webstar ft. jim jones & juelz santana.
just nu tanks:
jag har allting i mitt liv, allting & lite till. men jag ar inte nojd. varfor? jag tanker inte pa tillgangar osv. jag tanker pa djupare saker. jag ar inte nojd med vad jag sjalv gor, jag vill mycket mer. jag vill mycket mer, men nar jag kanner inspiration stanger jag den inne. jag stanger in den for att det kanns som jag kommer misslyckas. jag ar radd for att misslyckas. vad hander om jag gor det? jag vill inte jobba pa ica & jag vill inte kora en bubbla hela mitt liv. jag vill vara framgangsrik, jag vill vara det jag vill vara. jag vill leva pa sattet jag alltid velat gora. kommer det ga? jag vet inte, jag kommer att kampa for det. i tider som dessa kanns det underbart mitt liv, nar jag tanker djupare undrar jag vad fan jag haller pa med. det skulle vara intressant att fa en professionell asikt, jag kanske har nagon press-storning. jag jobbar bast under press - jag vet det, alla vet det. bra att jag klarar press, ja. bra att jag ar stressad 24/7, nej. 
ordet "jag" ar huvud har. ingen kan forlita sig pa att andra ska losa deras inre konflikter, & inte heller deras personliga dispyter med andra. det ar upp till var & en att ta sig igenom livet & allt vad det medfor, pa sitt eget satt. livet ar det enda spelet utan regler - du ar din egen chef. chefens onskan, ar din lag.

mitt liv ar mitt liv. jag bor i usa, jag pluggar pa ett college, har bra betyg, underbara vanner som vantar pa mig dar hemma, men ocksa manniskor som kommit att betyda mycket for mig har, for utan dem hade jag nog akt hem for langesen. sen sist men bast - har jag min familj. familjen obradovic - den kaxiga, fast kansliga & karleksfulla sandokan. den snygga, tuffa & besserwisser mama. & paps - the boss, intelligent, stilig, med ett serbiskt temperament.
isn't life just wonderful? :)

helgen har varit perfekt. alskade jess kom in pa FIDM, sa stolt over henne & hennes lycka gjorde nog hela kress lycklig igar, for for en gangs skull stannade vi dar hela natten :) 
nepp. nu ska jag ga & skriva ett tal om fetma & sen sova skont.
jag saknar er massor ikvall,

shawty got swag thru the roof
lil mama got style

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